Apps and Technologies for Driving

Latest Apps & Technologies That Can Help Prevent Distracted Driving

When you drive a car, your utmost responsibility is to keep yourself safe at all costs. But it has been seen that you sometimes get distracted. Why does this happen? There is no proper answer to this, as distractions can be anything. However, you should now place more emphasis on preventing distracted driving in real time. Today, there are various apps and technologies that can help you do so.

However, you may face problems using them if you are not familiar with their functions. Thus, to make the best use of the apps and technologies, enrol in a good and reputable driving school in Melbourne and get help from top instructors. They are most likely to know a lot of things about these apps, and therefore, counting on them to learn how to use them can be a great option.

But their lessons don’t stop at this; you can also count on them for the best real-time behind-the-wheel instructions. With them, you can develop confidence in yourself while driving.

Now, let’s focus on the best apps and technologies that can help you prevent distracted driving in real-time.

  • LifeSaver

It has been considered the most effective app in today’s world. It can track your driving behaviour, detect your step-outs on the road with your car, and block incoming notifications and calls. Relying on this application can undoubtedly help you keep your eyes straight on the road and keep your car moving with proper caution. It also gives rewards to people for distraction-free driving and shares your progress report with those close to you.

  • TrueMotion

TrueMotion is an application that uses smartphone sensors to detect your driving behaviour, including hard braking, use of a mobile phone, and speeding. It is an effective app that also provides you with several insights into your driving habits while providing rewards for safe driving on the road.

Understanding Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Features

If you are an individual in the modern world, you must have a smartphone from today’s generation. This means that your device is most likely to have a built-in ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature. This is a kind of feature that is meant to automatically activate when your device detects motion or is connected to the Bluetooth system of your car. So, when it turns on, it silences calls, messages, and notifications and sends automatic responses to callers or senders with a notification that you are driving.

Now that you know about the latest apps and technologies, including DND features, you can make the most of them while driving. But if you think that you need more lessons to become a better version of yourself behind the wheel, you must enrol in a good and reputable driving school and meet the best driving instructor in Melbourne.

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