Master the Art of Learning U-turn with a Reliable Driving Instructor

While driving on a busy road, if you come across a dead-end road that is turned down in a negligent manner; you must get your car turned safely around. It is possible to get the task accomplished by executing a U-turn safely.

At the time of executing a U-turn, it is very much essential to confirm the width of the road. In case you are driving on a narrow roadway, the 3-point turn may be of great help. Getting enrolled in a driving school will teach you some of the most efficient ways to master U-turn efficiently.

Get Introduced to the Concept of U-turn

U-turn is the concept of turning your car 180 degrees on the street in the opposite direction. In case you need to go towards the other direction in a quick manner, then performing a U-turn will be the best and most preferable choice.


Taking a U-turn is possible only if it is legal. Double-checking about the availability of a safer alternative will also be a significant step. Quite often, U-turns are prohibited on hills along with curves and freeways. A reliable driving instructor Melbourne will train you to take note of local traffic laws before attempting to make a U-turn.

Steps to Execute and Master Three-Point U-turn

Execution and mastering three-point U-turn is not at all a huge challenge. Below are some easy to follow steps that will assist you in the successful execution of three-point U-turn on the road:

Checking for traffic:- 

Checking for the traffic all around is very much important. After testing, you will be ready to go for signalling towards the right curb.

Positioning your vehicle:-

Next, you need to place your car as close as to the curb.

Signalling towards left:- 

On your way to turn towards the left, you need to check for traffic all around. You may utilize your side mirror along with a rearview mirror and blind spot prior proceeding.

Shifting towards the reverse direction:- 

Instead of rushing, you need to bring your vehicle near the opposite curb carefully. For moving towards the reverse direction, the wheel must be turned to the right-hand side of the road.

Finally, you get to stop and shift towards the drive and check the traffic. When all the traffic gets cleared, you will be on your way to proceed towards the lane smoothly and quickly.

Following the above steps will let you execute the U-turn safely and properly. As a driver, it is your earnest responsibility to operate your car safely and securely.

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