Mistakes That Can Keep You from Passing the Driving Licence Test

If you wish to learn to drive and pass the licence test, you will need to avoid certain mistakes that can prevent you from passing the licence test and might even lead to accidents. However, the instructors at the driving schools in Melbourne teach their students ways to avoid these mistakes. But today, we will be taking a look at some of these mistakes. So, if you are planning to learn driving or have started taking the lessons, make sure you are not making any of them.

  • Not Keeping Under the Speed Limits

In the driving course in Melbourne, you will be taught about how to control the speed of your car by your teacher, and you should follow these lessons carefully. But if you do not follow them and fail to maintain the speed limit, the examiner might not pass you. Also, while taking the test, you should follow the rules and guidelines described by the examiner and if you do not understand any, ask them right away before you can start the test.

  • Not Cooperating with the Examiner

Never make this mistake as this will only prevent you from passing the test but it leaves a bad impression which can make getting the licence difficult.

You should always cooperate with the instructor and do everything that she asks you to when you are appearing for the test.

  • Don’t Check Your Phone while Driving

While driving you should never check your phone as this is another mistake that you are making. This will not only prevent you from passing but can also lead to accidents. Moreover, in all the driving lessons in Melbourne, the instructors recommend not to use mobile phones or anything that can prove to be distractive.

  • Not Turning the Indicators On

Indicators help you to stay safe from accidents or collisions while turning your car and while driving, the examiners taking the licence test will expect you to turn the indicators on when required. But if you do not follow this step, you might fail because as we just mentioned, the examiners will notice how well you are following the road safety rules.

  • Not Obeying the Road Markings

Road markings indicate what lies ahead such as a sharp bend on the right or the left side of the road, a bridge, a hazardous area, etc. and you need to follow them to stay safe. But if you don’t follow them or miss one out, you can meet with an accident. So, in the driving lessons, the driving teachers in Melbourne will teach the road marking extensively and will direct you to follow them at all times. However, if you are not careful in your driving test and miss a few markings, you might fail because the examiners will always want you to be careful when you are behind the wheels.

  • Unable to Follow the Directions

We have already mentioned earlier that you will need to follow the directions provided by the examiner in the licence test and you need to be careful about this as well because if you fail to follow any of the directions, you might fail the exam.

So, instructors always recommend that you follow all directions because not doing so is a mistake that can keep you from getting a driving licence.

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