Some Common Car Issues that Your Motor Driving School will Warn You About

Are you aspiring to get your much coveted driver’s license? You must enroll in a reputed driving school that is competent enough to mould you into a skilled bloke at the wheels, so much so that you can crack the driving test at one go. Now what is the definition of a ‘competent driving school’? It must be the home to the best and the most skilled & qualified driving instructors. And its driving lessons must not only encompass every needed driving skills and technicalities, but also a fair amount of information in regards to its mechanical anatomy.

The lessons must discuss the important spare parts, their functionalities and the ways to maintain them. And last but not the least, they must make the trainees aware of the most common issues that plague the life of a driver. So you see, this holistic character of the lessons, backed by the professional approach of the driving instructors make a driving school unique and different from the others.

That’s precisely how our driving curriculum at Academy Of Driving Excellence goes and this is one of the reason why we are considered the most successful Motor Training School Near Melbourne.

Here on this page, let us discuss the most common problems that a car may face – something that always features in our driving lessons.

A spluttering Engine: A car engine is made up of multiple spare parts, each having unique functionality, and they can very well develop snag. However, a backfiring and spluttering engine is one of the most common issues. This happens when there is any improper mixing of air and fuel that is supposed to burn in the combustion chamber.

A shaking steering wheel: This is another very common issue and this can happen due to a number of reasons. If the wheel shakes immediately after starting the car, it’s a case of damaged wheel bearings or suspension components. If the wheel shudders at top speed, it’s a case of wheel or tyre imbalance.

Worn out brake pads: It is an obvious issue that vehicles face as they grow old. In some cases, they occur due to manufacturing defect. Nevertheless, this has to be address immediately and this seriously jeopartise the braking mechanism of the car.

Brakes making grinding or Squeaking sound: With time, the braking mechanism wears out and like every motor training school Near Melbourne our experts would suggest our trainees to be mindful of any sound that the brakes may generate when they are being used. Any squeaking or grinding sound emitted from the brake is a clear indication that the brake shoe or the drum has to replaced.

The uneven wearing of tyres: It is perfectly normal for the tyres of your car to suffer wear and tear with time, but all the 4 tyres should suffer identical wear and tear. However, if there is uneven wear and tear, then that’s a red flag, more so when it comes with a shuddering steering wheel. It indicated that the suspension alignment is not perfect.

Failing alternator: The responsibility of the alternator is to keep the battery of your car charged and help electrical components to play their roles. Thus, if you find that the battery is draining its juice pretty fast and the electrical components are failing, it’s a case of failing alternator.

Thus you see, our driving lessons in Academy Of Driving Excellence tell you all these and many more. Hence, call us at 0425749703 for further details.