Ways to Get Rid of Motion Sickness While You Drive

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One such thing is getting rid of motion sickness while you drive. Here are some things-to-do that will help you help you keep motion sickness at bay, during the drive.

Watch Your Food Before You Eat

The type of beverage or food that you have before driving will make a world of difference, in regards to motion sickness. For instance, consuming excessive alcohol or too much spicy food, having foods that are rich in fat, and other heavy stuff make the condition even worse, more so if you are susceptible.

Also, do not allow any of your co-passenger to have food if you are at the wheel. This is because, strong odours of food can trigger off nausea, which will invariably make conditions for you even worse.

On the other hand, if you find there are foods that you do not go down well with you, do not have them before or during the drive.

Eating as light as you can is the most feasible option if you have plans to spend hours at wheels for long. In fact, that is what an experienced instructor will tell you while you take driving lessons in South Yarra or any other place.

Mind your Position

For most of the blokes, being in the front seat is more than enough to get rid of motion sickness. However, if you have a propensity of suffering from motion sickness while at the wheel, this concept will not work for you.

You need to sit straight up in a comfortable position and keep your eyes focused at the distance, more so, at the horizon. When you keep staring into a distance at a steady point will help you keep your eyes off the objects much closer, which appear moving back fast with respect to the vehicle.

Now, this is a challenge! You need to be aware of the surroundings, but never turn your head to look out of the side windows. Looking at the side windows will trigger off sudden nausea, which may strike you hard!

You need to stay calm, and in case you are driving long distance, take short and frequent breaks and do not forget taking a motion sickness pill after consulting your doctor.

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