What To Do If You Are Having a Panic Attack During Driving?

A panic attack during driving can be very problematic because it can trigger symptoms that closely resemble those of a heart attack, stroke, etc. It also makes life hard because it can get triggered anytime without any warning signs. So, today we will be discussing what you should do if you are having a panic attack.
The solutions that we are going to discuss are provided by some of the best driving instructors in Melbourne. So, if you face panic attacks frequently and want to learn driving or are well-versed in driving, follow the points that we have mentioned here.

1) Listening to Music on the Way Can Help

Expert instructors suggest that some form of distraction can help to suppress panic attack. That is, if you are an advanced learner or are well-versed in driving, you can listen to some music while driving as it can soothe your nerves and keep anxiety away. However, if you are a beginner, it’s best to avoid distractions. Besides, you should never text or talk to another person over the phone while driving as this can cause accidents.

2) Avoid Caffeine

Though caffeine can keep you energetic, some studies have shown that it can sometimes contribute to panic attacks. So, if you are not feeling drowsy, it’s better to avoid caffeine or any other stimulants. However, it is always best to talk to your physician first before following this suggestion.

3) Don’t Drive at a Higher Speed

The only reason experts suggest not to drive at a higher speed is because if a panic attack gets triggered, parking the car at a safe spot can become very difficult for you.

So, unless you are confident and if you experience panic attacks a few times, driving slowly is the best option as suggested by all the car driving teachers in Melbourne.

4) Don’t Forget Your Medicines

If your physician has prescribed you medicines to control the panic attack, you should take them and if it means taking them before you start driving, you should follow the direction. Also, if the physician prescribes that you carry emergency medicines with you to control the panic attack; you should always carry them with you so that you can park your car and have them if it gets triggered.

5) Don’t Forget to Carry Emergency Helpline Numbers

If you are experiencing a severe panic attack, you will need to park your car and call the nearby hospital for medical assistance. So, if you are driving alone, always keep emergency numbers with you. Also, if you have a friend or an acquaintance nearby, you should keep his or her number with you as well so that you can call up the person if you are feeling sick.

6) Start Driving Only if You Feel Well

If you just had a panic attack, Melbourne driving instructors suggest that it’s best not to drive unless you feel totally well and confident because there is a chance that you might have another attack while driving.

But if you feel that you can drive properly and there isn’t a possibility of another panic attack, you can start your car again.

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