4 Things Every Beginner Should Keep in Mind While Taking Charge of the Steering

So you have recently secured your driving license and all ready to hit the road! Well, that’s quite obvious, but before taking charge of the steering, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure top-notch safety behind the wheels. Driving isn’t a cakewalk as it requires skills, expertise and knowledge and being a beginner, you should be a little bit more careful of your actions. Keep these pointers in mind whenever you place yourself on the driver’s seat to enjoy a safe and hassle-free on-road experience.

Get Familiar With Your Vehicle

Every vehicle is different in terms of it’s specifications and functionalities. Before you feel that adrenalin rush to hit the road, make sure you know the complete anatomy of the vehicle you are going to drive along with the specific functions of each part. Acquaint yourself with the nuts and bolts of your car before you wish to drive. This will boost up your confidence and help you tackle your car better.

Correct Seating Positioning is Essential

Ensuring correct seating posture is a must for all drivers-irrespective of being an experienced pro or a beginner. Securing yourself in the correct position can ensure better control and minimise the probability of mishaps such as car crash, collision or life-threatening mishaps. Make sure you sit with your back straight and have brakes, steering, gears under your grip. Adjust your seat in a way so that you can clearly monitor the surrounding traffic and have a clear view of the road.

Be Mindful of Mirrors

Whenever you are in driver’s seat, make sure to adjust both the front and rear mirrors and wear safety belts for top-notch protection against deadly car accidents. Trainers offering driving lessons in Melbourne always recommend staying away from possible distractions when driving and keeping your eyes on the hazards that may lie ahead of road. Check the rear mirrors and see whether you can closely monitor the traffic around you. It will ensure better control of your car and help you stay safe behind the wheels.

Avoid Distractions While Driving

Driving fetches it’s own set of risks but if you keep a few safety pointers in mind, you can possibly avoid collisions or car crashes. Distractions such as eating with one hand, speaking over phone, reading news etc can make you vulnerable to life-threatening car crashes and put your life at stake. The fundamental rule of safe driving is to put away your cell phone or any other obstruction that may distract you and keep your concentration centered towards road for a safe and hassle-free driving experience.

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