5 Expert-Approved Driving Tips to Stay Safe on Your First Road Trip

Owning a driving license is indeed overwhelming and you may wish to go out on a road trip with your friends after passing driving test successfully! Well, road trips are always exciting and adventurous but fetch high risks of road crashes if you don’t use your defensive driving skills on time. Manoeuvring your car through steep edges and countryside roads require sound skills and knowledge and failing to do so can ruin the excitement of your road trip.

To stay safe behind the wheels and make every moment of your first road trip memorable, here are some expert-recommended driving tips you should keep in mind.

Research Well About Road Conditions

The key to a successful road trip is proper planning and for that, you need to figure out the shortest route at first. Research well about the destination and get some idea about the road conditions. Outskirts mostly feature gravel roads with steep edges and to manoeuvre your car safely you need to have a good sense of road and master the art of safe driving techniques which you might have learnt from a reputed driving school South Yarra. Only when you are fully confident, proceed to head out for a road trip.

Inspect Your Vehicle Beforehand

Before heading out on a road trip, you must ensure your vehicle is in top-notch condition and no component is faulty. Check every intricate component of your cars such as the engine, brakes, fluid, coolant, power steering and tires to ensure you don’t end up with mechanical breakdowns at the middle of an unfamiliar road. If you come across any faulty component, you should consider replacing them with new parts to ensure top-most safety behind wheels.

Refill Your Tank in Advance

It’s extremely essential to ensure that you have sufficient fuel before commencing your journey. Try to have an idea about your vehicle’s fuel usage to determine the quantity you need for to and fro journey. Long uninterrupted sessions of continuous driving consume huge fuel and you might run out of fuel at the middle of the road if you don’t prepare a rough estimate beforehand. However, if you think you might require refilling your tank before reaching the destination, consider filling it up before commencing your trip for peace of mind.

Wipe off Dust and Grime from Your Windshield

Long-distance driving is not only notorious but risky too. Professional driving instructor in South Yarra always recommends deep cleaning your vehicle windshield and wipe off dust and grime from the windshield surface as otherwise it might obstruct your vision and increase the potential for life-threatening crashes. Clear visibility is utmost required especially if you are heading out for a late-night road trip.

Avoid Overspeeding on Highways

Driving on highways with no traffic may seem overwhelming but overspeeding can be counterproductive. You should be careful of cars approaching from the opposite direction and keep your speed limits under control to avoid deadly crashes. Slow down at intersections or soft edges and analyse road hazards that may come along your way. Maintain a safe distance from heavy-duty vehicles and allow them to pass first. This would help you stay safe on road and minimise the risk of car crashes.

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