Driving Lessons

5 Important Things You Will Learn During Your Driving Lessons

Many people are of the opinion that professional instructors only teach how to drive a car safely. Those who have such a view don’t enroll in a renowned driving school to learn the best art of driving. They either approach their family members or friends who know how to drive for help. If you also have the same kind of opinion and are planning to learn driving from your loved ones instead of enrolling in a good driving school in Heatherton then before doing so it is important for you to understand what exactly you will get to learn from experienced instructors.

Important Things Professional Driving Instructors Will Teach You


  1. It is highly important for a learner to get familiar with the car. Learning about the different components of the vehicle and its functioning is a smart way to become comfortable and start learning driving skills. Without this, it won’t be possible for you to even start the four-wheeler.
  2. The next vital thing which you will get to learn is the importance of adjusting the driver seat, and mirrors and sitting in the correct position when you are behind the wheel. If you are not comfortable while driving and can’t see things clearly through the interior driver’s mirror, side, front view, and rearview mirrors then there is a high chance of meeting with an accident.
  3. One of the most important reasons why road accidents happen is due to distraction. When drivers get distracted then they face such a situation. So you will get to learn from professional instructors the smart ways to avoid getting distracted when you are driving on the road.
  4. Without knowing the best driving rules, road signs, and signals it won’t be easy for you to drive without facing penalties or fines. If your loved ones are not up to date with the new rules of driving a four-wheeler then it might become a problem for you if you will learn driving from them.
  5. Maintaining the right distance from other vehicles can save you from bad unforeseen situations. Hence to know about it you must get your driving lesson in Mount Waverley from expert instructors.

The other important things that you will get to learn from the specialist instructors of a well-established driving school near me are the steering wheel position, when to use turn signals, the problem you might face if you over-speed, etc.

At the Academy Of Driving Excellence our professionally trained, experienced, insured, and certified driving instructors do specialise in offering a wide range of services. You can hire us to get the best driving lesson, log book training, get tips for safe driving and how to pay for your driving test on the first attempt, etc. To book an appointment with the expert instructors of our driving school in Heatherton you can call us on 0425 749 703 and if there is any query then you can send an email to admin@academyofdriving.com.au. We will be happy to help you professionally and efficiently.