8 Melbourne Road Rules that Professional Driving Lessons will NEVER tell You To Flout

People look forward to being flawless at the wheel when they enroll for professional driving lessons in Melbourne. However, when things come down to learning how to drive, it does not remain restricted to learning the driving technicalities, details regarding the mechanical anatomy of the vehicle, the functionalities of the spare parts and the mechanism as a whole, or an in-depth knowledge regarding the traffic rules. It is also about sticking to a few finer points that make a difference between a bloke at wheel with average knowledge and the one with optimal skills. In fact, that is the reason, when it is so very important to vouch for the very best driving school in Melbourne when things come down to learning how to drive.

Take, for instance, Academy Of Driving Excellence. When you enroll in our school, our instructors will come up with a holistic training curriculum that will encompass all the finest driving nitty-gritty and technical do’s and don’ts some of which are described below.

Driving with one hand

It is illegal to drive with one hand – to start with! You are supposed to keep both your hands on the wheel save for a few exceptions. Only when you sare indicating, or using the wipers, or making an emergency adjustment, you can take your hands off -but that’s it. No instructor would tell you to drive with one hand. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that is mostly committed by seasoned drivers, out of sheer overconfidence. Thus, when these people opt for refresher driving lessons in Melbourne at our school, this is the first and foremost fallacy that we will point out at them.

Incorrect Indications

Normally, you need to indicate whenever you are deviating to left or right. You need to indicate with you are:
Using roundabouts
Changing the lanes
Turning left or right
Or leaving a curb

Not indicating during these acts or indicating improperly is a mistake. You must use indicators and in case they are not working, you must use hands. In that case, driving after nightfall is a strict NO-NO!!

Using mobiles while driving.

Another mistake that is committed mainly by seasoned driving is using mobile while driving. This is another old habit that we try to kill during our professional driving lessons in Melbourne for the seasoned drivers, and in case of the newbies, it’s a strict NO-NO from our side.

Legally, you can touch your mobile while driving only and only when it is placed on a commercially produced securely affixed cradle.

Not keeping left when driving at high speed

When you are driving at high speed, like when you are traveling on the freeway, you must keep left with just a few exceptions like when you are:

Turning right
Making U-turn
Avoiding any obstructions
Driving in heavy traffic and
Using any special lane like transit lane
Not following these rules is a mistake and will cause penalties.

There is an age-old urban myth that you will not be booked unless you are driving at least 10% over the permitted speed limit. Well, myths are always myths – far from reality. You will invariably be booked if you cross the speed limit even ‘only just’! So refrain from it!

Not slowing while driving past emergency vehicles

One of the latest driving rules in most states in Australia tells you to slow down when you are driving past an emergency vehicle that is driving with its lights on. The State Government of Victoria has declared from 1st July 2017, the motorists will have to slow down to 40km/h when driving past any stationary or slow-moving emergency or enforcement vehicles with their lights on or that is sounding an alarm.

Driving Dead Tired

Taking to the wheels if you haven’t had any sleep for a considerable period or if you are dead tired is illegal. Again, it is practiced by some over enthusiasts,seasoned drivers but this can invite strict penalties and serious consequences if caught. So our driving instructors in Melbourne would refrain our trainees –both freshers and seasoned, from trying it out.

Driving with a damaged or cracked windscreen

Cracks on windscreens are at times unavoidable. However, people at times may not much heed to the cracks unless and until they are too much to ignore. There are clear rules that prohibit people from driving with cracked windscreens.

Thus you see, there are so many finer points to learn about driving. When you put stakes on an affordable driving school in Melbourne ensure that the company comes with these lessons like we do at the Academy Of Driving Excellence. For further details, call us at 0425749703 between our office hours.