Ways to Bid Adieu to Road Rage – The Art of Keeping Cool while Driving

Anger is one of the 7 deadly sins or Cardinal Sins, going by the Holy Bible. It can ruin you in no time and open the door to hell, if not controlled with absolute authority. So the wisest in this world will nip the curse of wrath or anger right in its bud!! But that’s the Holy Bible!!

Does that apply when you are at the wheel and driving on the very worldly roads, abuzz with traffic far off from the Biblical poignancy?

Yes, it does in driving, more than anywhere else and a lot depends on how cool you can be while you are driving. If you are to believe our seasoned instructors at the Academy Of Driving Excellence, the blokes who are as cool as a cucumber while driving excel the best than the ill tampered ones.

Therefore, as per the instructors of the driving schools in Canterbury like anywhere else, the first and foremost thing that one needs to practice before being a master, driving is the art of keeping cool. So here on this page, we are going to discuss a few steps that will help you keep your cool while you are driving.

Never Let Others Bad Work to Affect Your Good Work

It may very well sound like gospel, but that is indeed important when you are driving. Indeed, when you drive you will find a number of vehicles behaving erratically. You will find people who are driving distractedly and people not even paying heed to the rudimentary driving norms.

You will come across these people anyway. Never let your own driving common sense get ruined by their wrongful approach. Do get irate just because they are not right. Do not pay heed to what they are doing. Keep you cool and focus on the task that you have at your hand…that’s driving properly. It will help you to keep cool.

Be Compassionate and Empathetic to Others

At times, you will find drivers frantically making calls while driving or making erratic and unexpected maneuvers. Do not engage with them. You never know their mental condition or the things they are going through. Treat them with compassion and empathy. Do not yell at them out of rage. Put yourself in their shoes and it will help you to control your anger. Remember, every person goes to something or the other that might not be that enjoyable.

Be Positive and in the Right Mood

When you are driving, you need to be jovial. That’s what our driving instructors in Canterbury would say. Be positive and be optimistic and keep your mind engaged with positive thoughts. This will help you to keep frustration and resulting anger at bay. It will help you to be rational and drive in peace and thus, keep your nerves as well as your temper at bay.

Keep Your Level of Expectations at the Lowest Ebb

If you expect all the drivers around you to act courteously, you will be disappointed and that may result in anger. That’s why our experts imparting driving lessons in Canterbury would never tell you to expect the other drivers to act courteously. This is because, it will result in disappointment, which will give rise to anger.

So you see, that’s what our driving instructors would suggest, as a part of our driving curriculum at the Academy Of Driving Excellence. For further details, you can call us at 0425749703 between our office hours.