A Brief Account on Yield Sign – An Important Chapter of Your Driving Lessons

Reading the signage is one of the most important aspects of driving. Thus, when you undergo training in a notable driving school like Academy Of Driving Excellence, we will always put enormous emphasis on acquiring comprehensive knowledge about traffic signage. Not having enough knowledge about the signage and instruction will invariably lead to the inadvertent flouting of traffic rules, leading to ticketing.

Here on this page, we discuss a brief account on the Yield signage – something that is often misunderstood and underestimated by even seasoned drivers.

We remember an incident when a driver applied a brake check or hard brake at a yield sign, prompting the drivers behind, to follow suit and stop immediately. This led to one of those typical ‘one-car-ramming-behind-the-other’ incidents that left the motorway with a pile of crumbled vehicles, quite a few broken knees, and some dozens of dazed drivers and passengers!!!!

But what’s the verdict? Was the action of the first bloke at the wheel who prompted all these justified? Certainly not!!

Stop Signs = You HAVE TO STOP!!!!!

Well, let’s start a bit offbeat! Let’s start with the STOP sign and then move on to the Yield Sign for better understanding. Even if you have not taken our professional driving lessons in Melbourne, those octagonal signs should not be hieroglyphics to you. It blatantly means you HAVE TO STOP and stop immediately and that should be a FULL STOP. It further says you must assess the road ahead before you move. And that applies even when you see the road ahead is empty.

Now let us go the yield sign

Yield Sign = Slow Down –be Cautious and Stop Whenever Necessary

Let us come to the point. These Yield signs are a bit trickier to understand. Characterised by an upside-down white triangle with broad red borders, these yield signs predominantly suggests the blokes at wheel to slow down. It actually acts like a warning sign, which tells there MIGHT be situations when you will have to stop immediately. Hence, you see, the ‘Yield’ signage does not tell you to STOP. It tells you to be ready and be cautious. You might have to stop.

Places where you might have to come across Yield Signs

Well, these signs will come up at places well ahead of schools and commercial hubs, where you might have to stop or drive cautiously and slow so that you do not pose a threat to a careless pedestrian or reckless kids going to or coming from their schools.

While driving through highways, you might come across these signs when you are approaching an animal corridor, while you may confront kangaroos, koalas, right in front of your speeding vehicle.

So this brings us back to where we started from. So what’s your verdict? Did that hapless bloke judge the yield sign rightly having stopped suddenly, and triggering such a pile of events? Certainly not! The sign never told him to stop. It only told him to be cautious. He overreacted. So you see, how important it is to know the right meaning of the road signs. And it will help to crack the driving test at one go! Thus, enroll in a reputed driving school in Melbourne to these signs and their implications in detail. Call Academy Of Driving Excellence at 0425749703 to know further about our curriculum before you enroll.