Attempting the Driving Test? This Checklist Will Help

Even though you have gone through all the lessons in the driving school and have put many hours in mastering the ways to manoeuvre your car perfectly, you might still be ineligible for the license test. So, if you are a learner in Toorak or Burwood East and wish to appear for the test, follow the checklist here to see if you qualify.

  • You Have Received the Necessary Training

If you have received at least 120 hours of supervised training from your local driving instructor in Toorak, you are eligible for the test. However, make sure that you can also drive under different weather conditions such as night and when the road is wet. Besides, you will also have the capability to drive safely through busy roads and different speed zones with varying traffic conditions.

  • You Can Drive Alone

To appear for the test, you should be able to drive alone, that is without the support of your instructor or supervisor. Also, you should be able to make driving decisions according to the different situations.

  • You Have Good Observational Skills

Without good observational skills, it can be a bit difficult for you to pass the test.

For this reason, most instructors while providing driving lessons in Toorak and Burwood East suggest that you always check the side and rearview mirrors for the cars behind you or your side. Doing this will not only help you to pass the test but will also help you to avoid accidents in the real world.

  • Signaling the Other Drivers 

If you are capable of indicating other drivers about your actions correctly, you can go ahead and apply for the licence since this will be tested by the examiner.

You will need to turn on the indicators right before you turn left or right. However, this also includes the usage of the dipper properly to avoid collisions.

  • Speed Control

You will need to keep within the speed limit at all times if you are to appear for the test.

If you think that you can do that, you can go ahead. But if you think that you need more practice, it is better to improve it first since the examiners will examine your speed control skills rigorously.

  • Maintaining Safe Distance

Reputable driving schools in Burwood East always teach learners to maintain a safe distance from other cars since this helps prevent accidents. In fact, this is the reason why examiners at driving tests thoroughly inspect if you can indeed maintain the gap between your vehicle and the others. So, before appearing for the test, you might need to brush it up if you think you need to work on it.

  • Staying within Your Lane

If you can maintain your driving lane, you will have no problems passing the test since this is the safest way of driving. So, make sure that you are proficient at it before you appear for the test.

  • Stopping at Signals

Make sure you can stop your car smoothly when you are at a signal. Besides, you will need to make the necessary decisions if there is a pedestrian crossing nearby.

Finally, if you are adept at all of these, you can appear for the test. For more information, discuss these with your instructor.

Pass the Driving Licence Test Easily

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