Learn these Tips about Driving in Rain from Your Instructor – They will Pay Off

Caught in the rain while on a drive is fun! Many fantasises traveling in the rain with nature soaked in wetness, adding to all the pleasure of going for a drive! But all these are for those who are a mere passenger – not for the poor soul who is at the wheel. For the bloke at the wheel, being caught in the rain while driving is the last thing one should long for, more so in the midst of a city amid traffic snarl all around! But that’s a reality that cannot be avoided. That’s why the best way out is to master the art of driving in the rain. In fact, when you enroll in a driving school in Oakleigh, this is one of the sure-shot chapters, which find a place in the training curriculum. It’s the same with us at Academy Of Driving Excellence. Nevertheless, if you are planning to enroll in our driving school, here is a sneak peek into some tips of driving in the rain so that you can have a notion about the chapter beforehand.

Up Your Ante When It Rains…raise Your Alertness Level!!

Surely, this is the first thing to do when it starts raining with you at the wheels in the middle of a journey. When it rains, the visibility reduces and you need to be doubly alert. Pay more attention to things around you, than what would have otherwise. Concentrate and be focused as much as you can! It’s a test of your nerves and your attentiveness.

Don’t Be Stealthy…turn the Headlights on!

You are not flying a stealth fighter jet. So you need to see others as much as others NEED to see you! Remember, when it’s pouring cats and dogs and you have other vehicles around, chances of knocking others and being knocked by others raise by manifold. So the simplest and the smartest thing to do is to switch the headlights on. It will illuminate the road ahead, making the ones driving ahead of you visible, and will lend some help for the ones behind you when it comes to keeping a watch on you while they drive. There are other means of alerting the vehicles trailing you though!

Beware of Hydroplaning…that’s a Nightmare on Wet Surfaces!

Hydroplaning is a technical term of the phenomenon that occurs when the tyres of your vehicle lose their traction with the surface of the road due to the excessive wetness and accumulation of water on the surface. The result being, your vehicle starts to slide at a great speed. Now if the tyres are a bit old with worn out spikes, then the danger multiplies. Thus, in order to keep that probability to the minimal, drive slowly. That’s what our driving lessons in Oakleigh would tell you to do! Indeed, speeding is a strict NO-NO in rain.

Turning Off the Cruise Control….again, Your Vehicle is Not a 5th Gen Fighter!

Ironically, when it rains, cruise control may be the cause behind losing the control of your vehicle on rain-soaked road surfaces. Many people have a misconception that cruise control will help you as it will keep you up at a steady speed. But that’s only a myth. The reality is, due to the hydroplane effect, you tend to skid. If you are in cruise control…best of luck to you! So again, say goodbye to cruise control for the time being.

And then, be cautious while merging lanes and maintain greater distance while braking. All these will make you a safer and more dependable soul at the wheels while it is raining. But there are more into the chapter, which our driving instructor in Oakleigh will tell you while imparting the training.

So to enroll in Academy Of Driving Excellence and know more about our curriculum, call us at 0425749703 during our office hours.