How a Driving School in Melbourne Help in Combating Drowsy Driving?

Sleep-deprived or drowsy driving is one of the major causes of accidents not only in Melbourne but all over Australia. There can be many causes of drowsy driving but this point is clear that the ability to control your car when you are already sleep deprived is less compared to the normal state of consciousness. Despite these dangers, you might have to drive to reach your location owing to certain situations. However, drowsy driving can be prevented, and here are a couple of suggestions that we have to provide.

So, before starting off you must ask yourself that why are you fee drowsy after all.

Now there can be many reasons, and we are not going into the details but determining the causes of the problem can save you from becoming drowsy, or even a fatal accident. Additionally, these are the couple of things you can do to be safe.

Are You Stressed Out Already?

Fatigue or stress can lead to a lack of sleep which can make you drowsy while driving. Therefore, if you have scheduled a long drive, try to reschedule the journey or other businesses so that you can take some hours of sleep.

Is the Journey Monotonous?

This is another important cause of drowsiness among many. If this is the case and it happens frequently you can take a mid-drive nap. If you ask an instructor of any driving school in Melbourne to suggest you the same thing. The reason behind taking mid-drive naps is the fact that it will help you to get out of the sleep-deprived state. Moreover, if monotony is causing the sleepiness, it means your nerves are already relaxed so a short nap will do the trick.

Drinking coffee after parking your car to a safe spot can also alleviate the problem.

Are You in Medication?

Certain drugs can cause sleep problems and this affects driving. In these situations, it is best to take your partner with you on the journey. If, while driving, you get too sleepy, your partner will alert you. In extreme situations, your partner can also take the wheel while you can rest for a bit. All in all, this is a very good option for safety if you are under medication.

Are You Anxious or Nervous?

In most cases, anxiety or nervousness causes panic attacks and makes you more alert. But in some cases, it can cause quite the opposite effect. It can make you drowsy and this becomes problematic when you are driving. In these types of situations, mid-naps work well. However, any reputed driving school in Melbourne will ask you to focus and drive at a slower speed. The reason behind this is anxiety attacks can occur anytime and can cause a variety of problems. Remember that reaching your destination late can cause some hassles but ultimately save your life.

To sum up you need to keep these points in your mind to combat drowsy driving.


✍ Maintain a healthy lifestyle and sleep better.

✍ Take pre-drive and mid-drive naps whenever required.

✍ Stop for a tea or coffee break as this also elevates the mood.


⚡ Avoid alcohol consumption before you start driving.

⚡ Avoid long drive at later hours of the night as it disrupts the body’s biological rhythm.

⚡ Avoid driving at greater speed if you are already feeling drowsy.

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