Protecting Yourself From Blind Spots While Driving

There is a pair of methods that can be used to confront and resolve the problem of the blind spot. One of them is retrofitting your vehicle with certain devices that can minimize these spots. The other one involves properly adjusting and carefully accessing the mirrors that have been already installed.

For comprehending both the ways in detail, every driving school in Melbourne would come up with an in-depth discussion in their training programs, and Academy Of Driving Excellence is no exception.

Here is a brief discussion of the various methods that our training instructors would explain to our trainees for negating the effects of these treacherous spots.

Automated Side Mirrors

When you are turning your vehicle, these automated side mirrors move slightly outwards. Thus, they provide you a better and unabated view of the two sides.

High-end Fresnel Lenses

These particular lenses are specially equipped to enhance the below and the rear view of the blind spot zone of your vehicle. Therefore, is it always wiser to install these lenses on the window as they would protect your car from mishaps that can otherwise turn out to be fatal. Besides, these lenses are generally made up of lean and sleek high tech plastic, which makes them stubborn, and as a result of this, they do not take much space, when installed.

Side, Rear and Front Sensors

As per the instructors of the best driving schools in Melbourne one of the most effective ways of avoiding the ‘Visual Scotoma’ while driving is using the side, rear, and front sensors. These specially equipped state-of-the-art sensors generate audiovisual warnings of any object that is a potential threat, to the vehicle. Additionally, these sensors can be installed on any variety of vehicles – regardless of their model and size.

The most interesting part is that these sensors, when activated, flash high intensity LED or would generate sharp beeping noise, which keeps on increasing as the potential threat gets nearer to the car, or the vehicle gets closer to the object, alerting the driver of the impending collision.

To make things even smoother for the driver, these sensors can be activated manually as well. Otherwise, in case of automated activation, when the speed is lower the front sensors are at first activated. The ones at the sides are activated by putting the indicators in use, depending upon the way the vehicle is to be turned. The rear sensors are activated when the vehicle is put on a reverse gear.

Adjusting side-view and rear mirrors

If you have budget constraints or looking to get things done without investing in these blind spot equipment, then you have the alternative option of using the side-view and rear mirrors. Well, these adjustments are mandatory and that is the reason every driving mentor of reputed driving schools in and near Melbourne would emphasise. Remember, most of the car mishaps take place due to blinds spots.

Hence, you see, when you enroll with us at Academy Of Driving Excellence, you get all these in-depth training from our seasoned and highly knowledgeable mentors. For further details, call us at 0425749703 during our business hours.