Steps of Three-Point Turn That Help You Crack Driving Test

One of the hardest hurdles of a driving test is the three-point turn test, which most trainees fail to cross at one go. But the irony is that the examinees MUST pass this test to stand any chance of obtaining a licence.

Therefore, you must enroll yourself in a reputed driving school, which is home to some of the best driving mentors. These professionals will teach you thoroughly how to crack the three-point turn test in the first attempt.

Here is why a driving school like Academy Of Driving Excellence will provide you with thorough driving lessons in Melbourne regarding the tactics of three-point turn and help you out in this aspect.

However, all said and done, it will be handy if you have a fair bit idea of how to conduct a three-point turn successfully. There are 6 steps to perform that turn successfully. You can practice the steps religiously, to crack the test at one go.

Step 1: Moving to the Outer Side of the Lane

As you close into the three-point turn area where you have planned to practice the manoeuvre, move to the outer side of the lane. This will give you more room for maneuvering the vehicle.

Step 2: Stopping

Now you need to stop. However, before you stop check out for any traffic through the rearview mirror. However, any mentor giving you driving lessons in Melbourne Northern Suburbs will tell you, never try a three-point turn in heavy traffic. You are to use this tactic only in case of emergencies. Hence, it is always a safer option to practice it on an empty driveway or a broad and expansive parking lot for the turnaround.

Step 3:

Check out for other vehicles ahead of and behind you
Stop and again, check if there is any traffic or person ahead or behind your car. It will take quite a few seconds for you to perform the task completely.

Do not cause any obstruction in the road for the other vehicles, more so when you are performing it for mere practice, and not because of any emergency.

Step 4 (Point 1):Turning entirely to the left

After putting your vehicle to a complete halt, and when you are sure that there are no other vehicles around, you need to turn the wheel all the way to left, and accelerate the car, till it gets to the opposing lane’s edge. Once you have reached, the 1st point is done with.

Step 5 (Point 2): Shifting to the Reverse

Now, you have to shift entirely to the reverse, by turning your wheel rightwards and then backing up towards that side of the road, from where you initially stared. You need to keep an on the rear, and the side-view mirrors, as you slowly turn the vehicle rightwards. This is the 2nd point.

Step 6 (Point 3): Shifting Back to the Forward and Then to Left

Now, recheck if there is an approaching vehicle. Once you have checked, shift your car back to forward and then steer it left, so much so that you can drive in the lane that lies opposite the one from where you started. This is the 3rd point, and this ends the three-point manoeuvre.

So you see, the 3-point turn is not rocket science. It is just that you need practice and good coaching. You will get that if you find out a right driving school by using the keyword, ‘driving lessons Melbourne near me’. It will get you to Academy Of Driving Excellence, which is one of the best school that gives you driving lessons in Melbourne at pocket-friendly prices. For further details, call us at 425749703 during our business hours.