Safety Tips For Old Drivers – A Detailed Discussion

Most senior drivers can easily drive safely well into their 80s (&…even beyond)! But since their physical health can likely interfere with their responsible driving, it is important for aged drivers to look after themselves and suss out their needs when they are on a busy highway.

Academy Of Driving Excellence; believes for senior drivers, safe driving involves more than adhering to all traffic norms and comprehending road signs. The more you age; the more you experience some physical changes which make performing specific driving actions, difficult!

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Those tasks include:-

  • Turning their head to look for approaching traffic
  • Constantly monitoring the road condition and potential hazards by looking at the side and rear viewing mirror
  • Hitting the brakes whenever necessary

And more.

As your professional driving school serving all across Melbourne; here are some surefire tips which every old driver should follow.

1:- Staying Physically Active Enhances Flexibility & Overall Strength- SO LOOK TO STAY ACTIVE ALWAYS.

It is no secret. If you are physically fit and active, your overall strength, endurance and flexibility improves. And that makes driving in busy streets, making sharp turns by looking at the glass/over your shoulder, turning the steering wheels, and making other driving adjustments- effortless!

What we would suggest old drivers is to take an active part in physical workouts such as stretching, running and even some strength training. However, if you’re sedentary, then we recommend taking your doctor’s advise prior to beginning strenuous workouts- especially strength training.

2:- With Time, Your Sense Of Hearing & Vision Declines- SO SCHEDULE REGULAR HEARING & VISION TESTS.

As you age, your vision and hearing senses decline. And when that happens, then it can impair your driving by limiting your hearing whenever a vehicle approaches. Most common old-age issues include glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and they can make driving really difficult- be it in broad daylight or during night-time.

You should work with your trusted doctor on setting up a vision and hearing test to examine your condition. This applies even if you think that your skills are alright! You should even get your eye checked out by a qualified ophthalmologist/optometrist.

They will recommend you some suitable adjustments (be it for driving or in-general) and considerably reduce your chances of a collision or crash.

3:- Driving Under The Influence Of Medication Leads To Drowsiness & Dizziness- SO LOOK TO MANAGE ALL YOUR CHRONIC DISORDERS.

Work with a qualified doctor to manage all your chronic disorders, particularly those that are hampering your driving. Clearly follow whatever your doctor recommends for improving your condition and staying safe when controlling the steering wheel.

Furthermore, there are some medications like sleeping pills, pain-killers and muscle relaxants known to cause drowsiness and dizziness, occasionally. You don’t want any of that happening to you when you are cruising through a highway as it can severely impact your defensive driving and cause a potential accident.

4:- As You Get; Old Your Driving Skills Gets Hampered Due To Physical Limitations- SO BE AWARE OF YOUR LIMITATIONS & LOOK TO OVERCOME IT.

Always know your physical limitations and aim to make the right adjustments. Take for example- if you find that your hands are hurting whenever you grip the steering wheels, you use a steering wheel cover that makes both turning and holding it comfortable.

Also, consult with your chosen therapist/doctor to suggest you workouts to overcome your physical limitations. Another thing which you can do is choose a vehicle housing all the key and modernised safety specs to prevent collision and assist you in shifting lanes and handling blind spots more proficiently.

You Can Also Opt For A Refresher Driving Course Training To Polish Your Driving Skills:-

Offering you affordable driving school Melbourne; we offer you driving lessons for all aged people- be it a fresher or someone looking to polish up their skills.

You will be pleased to know that all our driving school instructors in Melbourne are proud members of the ADTAV, and they provide the best driving lessons to help you excel in all sphere of defensive driving.

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