The Three Manoeuvres – Effective Ways for Learners to Pass Them

While taking a driving test, you will be anticipated to perform different manoeuvres, the three-point turn. The driving instructor will be looking for specific features as you perform the following manoeuvre such as safety, smoothness, control, observation skill, and general awareness, use of clutch, brake and accelerator as well. It is essential for you to perform the move devoid of bumping the kerb. Although it sounds pretty complex in nature, actually it is quite easy. Hence, we present you certain pointers in order to help you finish it with ease.

Figuring Out a Safe Spot

In order to perform the three-point turn, one must figure out a safe spot that is not immediately close or next to any lamppost, telephone exchange, or any other hurdles behind your car while you reverse it. Get the car to the left-hand side of the street and ensure that you are having an adequate amount of room in front and behind as well. Switch off the indicator and watch over your right-hand shoulder in order to check out if the road is clear or not beforehand making an attempt. Also, it is better to opt for effective driving lessons in Burwood East to learn more about safe spots.

Carrying Out the Move

Utilizing the clutch as well as keeping the car in the first gear, move the car slowly in front and turn the steering wheel to the right. The intent is to get the car point across the street at a right angle. Apart from this, once you get the car closer to the kerb, move the steering wheel sharply in the exact opposite direction. Once done, apply the clutch alongside the brake smoothly devoid of hitting the kerb. You must ensure to put the handbrake on and move in reverse gear in order to identify the biting point. However, make sure to check out before moving. If there are no obstacles, slowly move backwards while turning the steering wheel to left as much as possible.

You will be capable of seeing the kerb coming close on your right and as it nears or closer briskly turns the steering wheel in reverse to the right, nearly on a complete lock. You must keep note that you are required hitting the brake before you hit the kerb.

Top Tips

In case you are asked to perform the three-point turn move during the time of your driving test, you must remain calm and composed. If you fail at making the three-point turn in the way you were intending, it is not that bad for you to carry on and take another few shots in order to complete the move instead of hitting the kerb. It is because hitting the kerb can more disastrous than you can ever imagine.

Thus, these were some of the manoeuvres and best possible ways to pass them, which you will face as a beginner. For learning more about the manoeuvres, you should enrol for professional driving lessons in Malvern from a certified driving school.

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