Hallmarks of a Good Driving Lesson Curriculum

There is only one cornerstone that is used to gauge the efficacy of a driving school anywhere in the world – its rate of success when it comes to seeing its trainees through the driving test at one go and helping them obtain their desired driving licence at the first attempt. This is where we at Academy Of Driving Excellence excel.
We are home to some of the best driving instructors with years of experience under their belt, who would provide some picture-perfect training to the incumbents making sure they turn out to be not only a good bloke at the wheels with sound technical knowledge but a responsible one as well.

If this is one side of our coin of success, the other side is ostensibly the meticulously planned curriculum that we follow. Indeed the success of any driving school in Glen Waverley as in any other place will depend upon how meticulously its training curriculum is arranged.

Here on this page, we discuss the hallmarks of a quality driving lesson.

It Must Be Elaborative

Firstly, the curriculum must not be concise. There is no shortcut when it comes to learning how to drive. There are innumerable aspects of driving to know – both technical as well as nontechnical. Thus, an ideal driving curriculum has to be elaborative and should include all the technical as well as not technical aspects of driving.

It Should Be Well Apprehensible

The curriculum has to be well-apprehensible. In other words, it should be such that every trainee can understand the content with ease. There should be proper explanations with adequate and appropriate graphics that will help in the understanding of the trainees. The onus here lies on the instructors of the driving school in Glen Waverley who conduct the training sessions.

It Should Cover the Do’s and Don’ts in Emergency Situations

Driving lessons are not only about giving the elaborative description of the ideal situations faced while you are at wheels. It should ideally cover all the emergencies that you might come across while driving and the techniques to come out of those situations unscathed. Thus, an ideal driving lesson should deal with emergencies as well.

And this should include the technical emergencies as well so that the trainees are well aware of rudimentary technical glitches and are able to resolve them on spot without having to summon a mechanic.

There should be a right balance between the classroom and the practical training sessions so much so that the trainees get sufficient exposure to real-life driving in live conditions

Maintaining Proper Driving Routes

The routes that the instructors should follow have to be the ones where the test will be conducted. This will make sure that the aspirants are well aware of the routes beforehand so that they do not face any issue on the day of the test.

So you see, these are some of the criteria that the typical driving lessons in Glen Waverley need to have. We pride ourselves on stating that our lessons in the Academy Of Driving Excellence follow these properties and this is one of the reasons why we are so successful as a driving school. For details, call us at 0425749703.