Victoria Child Safety Rules While Driving – A MUST KNOW Driving Lesson

One of the most critical driving lesson chapters you must pay attention to is the art of driving with a child on board. While you drive in Victoria, like in any other state in Australia, rules are pretty harsh. To make sure you do not attract the wrath of the authorities, you need to be well familiar with the laws of the land that prevails in this regard.

When it comes to enrolling for a driving lesson, you must choose an institute that has these intricate and vital chapters included in their curriculum. Remember, these lessons, in most cases, decide between success and failure when cracking the driving test in Glen Huntly at one go!

This is where we at Academy Of Driving Excellence excel!! Here is an overview of the rules regarding driving with a kid or baby on board.

Never Let a Child Be Alone in the Car

never let a child be alone in the car
This is a gospel that you need to follow – ALWAYS! NEVER EVER leave a child alone back in a car when you leave it – even it has to be for a few seconds!

This can turn out to be fatal! In case the lock fails, and you are not able to open the door, the interior temperature of the car can climb up to a dangerous level in no time! Data from Ambulance Victoria revealed that in the period between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018, AV had to encounter as many as 1587 SOS calls from people locked inside their cars all across the state. A vast majority of those involved babies and even toddlers locked inside cars!

Remember, in every Australian state and territory, it is illegal to leave a child alone in a car, and it is same in Victoria. Under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 it will attract a penalty of $4030 or up to 6 months of imprisonment or both!

That itself should be an eye-opener for you when you take up driving lessons. The information will help you crack driving tests in South Melbourne at one go, without any hiccup whatsoever.

Get Well Accustomed with Child Restraints

get well accustomed with child restraints
You Must Learn Child Restraints. As You Use Them:

  • You need to make sure the top tether and harness do not have any twists and have the required firmness.
  • See that the harness properly secures the arms of the child
    Check the tension of the harness straps.
  • Check the seatbelt and see that the buckles of the harness are clicked into place.
  • If you are using a child restraint compatible with ISOFIX, you need to be sure that the ISOFIX attachments are properly clicked and are in place.

Using Booster Seats

using booster seats
You must also learn to use booster seats. However, while doing so:

  • Use the seatbelt guide for ensuring the sash portion of the seatbelt rests on the kid’s shoulder.
  • If it has a top tether strap, see that it is appropriately attached to anchor location of the child restraint.

Lastly, you must be well accustomed to the Victorian Laws, in regards to driving with babies, toddlers, and children on board.

Here is where we at Academy Of Driving Excellence make all the difference. We include all these chapters and more in our driving lessons in Hawthorn, making them all the more holistic.

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