“How To Save On Fuel Consumption?”- Hear From Our Driving Instructors!

Irrespective of where you live or what type of car you drive; you can always squeeze in some more mileage from the fuel tank you refill. Even if you manage to improve by 1-2 km per litre of fuel, it can help make a considerable difference for future generations.

Keeping true to this, “Academy Of Driving Excellence”; your premier Melbourne driving school enlists some smart yet straightforward techniques to help save your fuel whenever you drive. They are listed below, so follow closely!

“Restrict AC Use”

The first reason why your car consumes so much fuel is because you keep your AC running whenever you drive. Our instructors recommend you to be wise and make diligent use of your car air-con system.

Avoid using them for more extended periods. Instead; use them for a short period and then drive around by putting the windows down.

“Avoid Accelerator Push”

When looking to change the gear, avoid pushing the accelerator down for an extended time. Believe it or not, but this proves to be one of the major reasons of fuel consumption when driving.

“Don’t Overload Your Car”

If you have lots of stuff at the back, your car gets heavy, hence needs more fuel to move. The more you overload it, the more fuel it will consume in the process. To avoid this; our drive school instructors serving Melbourne recommends not overloading your vehicle.

“Remove Unnecessary Roof Rack”

If the roof rack installed is weighty; your vehicle will see an increase in its drag. And when that happens, it will result in more fuel consumption. So, be rid of all (or the unnecessary ones) as that will help save you some fuel.

“Inspect Your Tire Pressure Before Leaving”

When the tire pressure is less, then it only means that your vehicle will pull more fuel when driving. So, the wise choice would be to always check your tire pressure- even maintain it if needed to prevent more fuel consumption.

“Maintain Steady Speed Limit”

In our professional driving lessons in Melbourne; we always emphasise the importance of maintaining uniform speed. And the reason for that is firstly, to ensure you remain safe on the freeway, and secondly, to prevent overuse of fuel.

So, as a word of advice from our end- drive at 50kmph to save fuel when driving.

“Go For Periodic Servicing”

With regular use, the quality of your engine fuel consumption gets hampered considerably. One way you can deal with them is by presenting your vehicle periodic servicing with quality engine oil. This will help keep your engine performing for an extended period.

Use these tips whenever you go out to drive the next time. Saving fuel not only means saving money, but also ensures your car continues functioning for an extended time-span.

If you need more tips and suggestions regarding safe driving techniques to stay safe or about our driving courses or tests- call us @ 0425749703.