A Few Car Tyre Maintenance Tips Provided by Our Driving Instructors

Now that you have started taking driving lessons, or if you are planning to take them up soon, you need to know the ways to maintain your car’s tyres. Learning to drive is only part of the game. You will need to know about your vehicle too which your instructors will teach you in the driving session. Anyway, if you are a learner in Oakleigh or will be starting with the lessons in just a few days, these car maintenance tips will surely help you.

Now, without further delay, let’s dive into the tips that have been provided by the highly experienced instructors.

Learn When to Change Your Car’s Tyres

It is always better to discard the tyres of your car every 5 to 10 years. However, 10 years is actually a very long time.

Our driving instructors in Oakleigh recommend that you should get your car tyres checked by a mechanic often because they undergo constant wear and tear. Basically, the longevity of a car’s tyres depends on the style of driving, weather conditions, etc. So, as you can imagine that if you drive harshly or if you drive too much, your tyres will undergo more wear and tear.

Get Your Car Tyre’s Wheel Bolts Inspected

The tyre of your car should have the right-sized bolts. But if they aren’t, the tyres can become damaged sooner. The wheel bolts are provided by the car manufacturer. So, when changing your car’s tyres, get them inspected by a mechanic to avoid accidents caused by the wheel popping out (due to the incorrect wheel bolt size).

Get Tyre Rotation Done

Expert instructors teach everything about the car’s tyres in the driving lessons in Oakleigh. But still, we will discuss why it’s important to get the tyre rotations done by a mechanic.

Tyre rotation is the process of repositioning the tyres and it is best if you get it done after every 4500 to 5000 kilometres. This ensures an equal wearing and tearing of the car’s tyres and hence decreases the pressure on a single tyre.

Avoid Harsh Driving

To protect the tyres of your car from excessive wearing and tearing, try to drive smoothly even at higher speeds. Also, try to avoid harsh braking as these create extra pressure on your car’s tyres. So, try to drive at the optimal speed. Also, it is for these reasons that the instructors from our driving school in Oakleigh teach speed control to their students extensively.

Avoid Hydroplaning During the Monsoons

Hydroplaning that occurs in the rainy season is not only dangerous but also causes too much wearing and tearing for the tyres. So, if your car’s tyres are old, drive slowly during rain. However, our experts recommend that when it’s raining, you should always drive at the minimum speed because heavy rain decreases visibility by default and hence raises the chances of accidents.

Keeping the Tyres Inflated

Maintaining inflation is also necessary to keep the tyres in the best shape while increasing their lives. So, get your tyres checked by a mechanic frequently for the air pressure. If they drop, the mechanic will inflate them to the proper levels.

Well, these were some of the tips that we had to give you for today. But we will come back to this topic later on with another write-up. Until then, happy driving!

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