A Few Car Steering Tips by Our Driving Instructors in Malvern

When you are learning to drive a car in Malvern, the first thing that you will learn is to steer your car using the steering wheel. Your driving instructor will teach you the ways of holding the wheel properly. They will teach you to rotate it to turn your car or to keep it steady while it is in motion.

Nevertheless, today we will be presenting you with a few steering tips that are provided by our driving instructors in Malvern.

Proper Hand Positioning

Holding the steering wheel properly is important if you want to steer your car properly while it is in motion. The conventional positions are 9:3 and 10:2.
Now, though the 10:2 method is taught mostly by the instructors, 9:3 is considered as a comfortable position. However, taller persons will find the former one to be more comfortable. So, among these two, choose the one that is convenient for you. Also, make sure that while driving, you are not holding the wheel too tightly as it will make maneuvering your car more difficult.

Steering Left Technique

To steer the car to your left, you will need to use the push-pull technique that is included in most of the driving lessons in Malvern.

In this technique, you will need to hold the steering wheel either in 9:3 or 10:2 position. Now, to steer left, you will need to loosen your right hand first and pull the steering wheel down and to control the degree of the rotation use your right hand.

When you have achieved the intended turn, re-align the wheel using your left and right hand to keep the car on the track.

Steering Right Technique

Here, you will need to start with the same hand position that is 10:2 or 9:3 and do the opposite of what you did to steer your car to the left.

Here, you will need to loosen your left hand first and then pull the steering down until you achieve the proper turn. Then, re-align the wheel using both of your hands.

Keeping Your Car Steady While Driving at a High Speed

When you are driving at a high speed, you will need to keep your car steady. And to achieve this, you will need to hold the steering properly and rotate the wheel slightly depending on the direction in which you are heading.

Since the car is moving at a faster speed, make sure not to rotate the wheel much and when driving, make sure you check your side and rearview mirrors for other cars to stay safe.

Keeping Your Car Steady While Driving it in Reverse

Driving in reverse gear needs practice and the instructors in all the driving schools in Malvern suggest that while doing so, always check your mirrors and start by keeping your hands in the 10:2 or 9:3 position. Then, slowly release your clutch to drive backwards and rotate the wheel slightly to properly position your car.

Finally, these were some of the car steering guidelines that are provided by our expert instructors that you can follow to maneuver your car properly.

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