Manual Car Driving Tips That Will Help You Become a Pro Driver

If you are planning to take manual driving lessons, worry not as driving a manual car is not that hard. It’s true that many people keep on telling that manual driving is difficult but the reality is something different. So, if you wish to drive a manual car in Richmond, follow these tips.

1) Practice the Clutch

When you join the driving school in Richmond, the first thing that the drivers will teach is how to use the clutch. To do this properly, it is safe to keep your leg ready so that you can push the clutch pedal. However, you don’t need to rest your leg on the clutch pedal at all times. However, if you are not feeling confident, you can put your leg on it but don’t push it when the car is in motion.

At the same time, you should keep your leg off of the clutch pedal when you are driving in a less congested area.

2) Controlling the Gear

The gear stick is used for controlling the speed of the car. By using this component you lock the car to a certain gear to achieve the desired speed. So, the driving instructors will teach you the ways of controlling it.

But before we go into the ways of controlling it, we want to tell you that the gear stick will put the car in a certain gear. But to increase or decrease the speed you will need to use your car’s accelerator and we will come into that later.

Anyway, first before starting the car, put your gear into neutral. You can understand that it’s on neutral when you can move the gear stick in all directions easily. Then follow the markings on the gear stick knob that describe the different gears.

After that, start your car and put it on the first gear by pressing your clutch. Then slowly release the clutch and hold down the accelerator to put your car in motion. And whenever you change the gears (to achieve a higher speed), you should always do it by pressing the clutch pedal.

3) Controlling the Speed

To control the speed of your manual car, the driving instructors in Melbourne will teach you the correct ways.

You will need to maintain the speed limit when you are driving. As a beginner, however, you will need to go slow. For this, put your car on the first gear and push the accelerator pedal slowly to drive slowly. Then, as you become experienced, you can increase the speed.

4) Steering Fundamentals

There is not much to say here. But then again, while driving, you should hold the steering wheel in the 10 and 2 positions. This will help you to drive and take the left and right turns easily while driving the manual car.

5) Keep Your Car On Neutral after Stopping It

In the manual driving lessons in Richmond, the instructors will teach you how to manoeuvre your car properly. So, one of the directions that you need to follow is to keep your car in neutral after you have stopped it. Otherwise, there will be a jolt and the engine will shut down.

So, we think that these tips will help you to get started with your manual car and in the next blogs, we will provide you with more tips to help you to drive your car like a pro.

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