A Few Long Distance Driving Tips by Expert Instructors

We all love long-distance drive through the highways. However, as a driver, you will need to stay safe since driving such a great distance can be overwhelming. However, by following a few tips that we provide you here, you will be able to traverse the road while staying safe.
So, if you are in Glen Waverley, Carlton, Burwood East or Malvern and want to learn driving or have just started and want to drive long distances, follow these tips provided by the expert instructors.

Stick to the Desired Speed

Maintaining the speed is essential when you are travelling long distances and this is the reason why the instructors from driving schools near Glen Waverley teach their students about maintaining speeds in the driving lessons. This helps in maintaining the speed limit and to reach the destination on time. Also, driving at a certain speed helps you to control your car better.

At the same time, since it is a highway and there are other cars too driving alongside at high speeds, it is essential that you keep checking the mirrors for other cars. Besides, you should also check the condition of the road. That is if it is wet, you should drive slowly to avoid skids.

Maintain Distance between Other Cars

The best driving school near Carlton will always tell you to maintain a safe distance between your cat and the others around you. You need to follow this suggestion because the road can be very unpredictable and a situation can arrive where you might need to hit the brake quickly.

However, if you maintain a safe distance, you get enough time to pull the brakes to avoid a direct hit. Additionally, while driving always follow the road safety signs and if you don’t feel confident driving in heavy rain or fog, park your car at a safe place and then start again when the weather clears up.

Avoid Overtaking

The instructors of all car driving schools Malvern recommend against overtaking because many accidents occur due to overtaking or errors being made during the procedure. Moreover, to overtake properly, correct judgement and timing are necessary.

So, even if you wish to overtake, look whether you have space i.e. if there are cars near you and choose the right gear. Besides, always don’t overtake at a very high speed as it hinders you from achieving the control that is needed if something goes wrong.

In addition to these experts suggest that after overtaking, don’t move back into the driving lane quickly as the car behind you is driving at a high speed and it can collide with you.

Using Indicators is Important

When you are going for a long drive through the highway, you should always use the indicators when changing the lanes as this will alert the drivers behind you about your movement and they will manoeuvre their car accordingly.

Thus, doing all of these always keeps you safe from accidents.

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