Things You Need to Avoid When You Are Behind the Wheels

While driving, you will need to avoid certain things. These are basically distractions that not only disrupt normal driving but can even lead to accidents. So, if you are a beginner or an intermediate driver, you need to avoid the distractions, and if you are wondering what they are, follow the discussion to know more.

  • Texting

Most of the car accidents that are happening nowadays are due to texting. For this reason, the expert driving instructors in Glen Waverley always suggest their students avoid texting while driving. However, if you need to send or reply to an important text, you should park your car at a safe spot and then do the needful.

If you text while driving, you will have to use only one hand to manoeuvre your car with the steering wheel. Moreover, your attention will be on your phone screen and not on the road. Thus, the chances of accidents increase manifold if you do this.

  • Taking Calls

The second thing that you should avoid is taking calls. Just like texting, here too, you have to use only one hand to steer your car, and this is very dangerous. Also, even if you can clearly see the road ahead, your mind will be mostly engaged in the conversation that you are having over the phone.

Naturally, this increases the chances of accidents or rash driving. For this reason, the driving instructors warn their students not to take calls. However, similar to that of texting, if you do want to make an emergency call or take one, park your car at a safe spot first.

  • Loud Music

Soft music works best if you are going for a long drive. But loud music is just the opposite. It’s true that it stimulates your nerves but when you are driving through heavy traffic or if you are a beginner in driving, it’s best to avoid this.

The reason behind this is that you will need to concentrate on your driving especially during heavy traffic because there are a lot of cars alongside, and you will need to be careful so that you do not bump into another.

  • Watching Movies

If you have got an audio-video system installed in your car, better not start watching movies while you are driving as suggested by the instructors in the driving school in Glen Waverley.

You can figure out the reason easily. Your attention will be mostly on the screen and not on the road. This is enough for a mishap, such as an accident.

  • Doze Off

If you are tired, it’s best to avoid driving because you can doze off and this can lead to fatalities. However, if you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should park your car in a safe spot and take some rest. On the other hand, if you have to reach your preferred destination but feeling sleepy, taking a cup of coffee can help you in fighting the tiredness.

  • Focusing On Other Things

Distractions can stem from not just objects but thoughts about several things as well. And while driving, if you are focusing on different things but not on the road, you stop that and shift your focus on driving. In fact, there are some chapters in the driving lessons in Glen Waverley that comprise topics that are based on increasing your focus and attention during driving.

Finally, you should follow these points as they will help save your life and the lives of others on the road.

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