A Few Tried and Tested Fuel-Saving Suggestions by Driving Experts

Fuel is expensive. So, saving fuel is saving money. And to do this, you need to learn the ways of saving fuel. So, we will be discussing today the methods of saving fuel that driving experts in Melbourne always follow.

If you are taking driving lessons from a reputed training school in Melbourne, your instructors, apart from driving, will provide fuel-saving tips anyway. But if you are planning to take driving lessons near Melbourne, or have just begun the driving lessons, take a look at these fuel-saving suggestions by the experts.

1) Lessen the Usage Of Your Car’s Air Conditioner

The more you use the air-conditioning system of your car, the more will the fuel intake be since the air conditioning technology in cars is designed to consume more fuel for an optimised airflow inside the car.

So, the experts recommend that if the outside temperature isn’t too hot, open your car windows to let the fresh air come in that might give you respite from the moderate heat.

2) Keep Your Tyres Inflated to the Correct Pressure

If you are not inflating your car’s tyres to the correct pressure, the contact of your car’s tyres with the road will increase and the more the contact of the surface area of your tyres with the road, the more the pressure on the wheel which will increase fuel consumption.

3) Excess Weight Increases Fuel Consumption

We understand that a weekend family trip or a trip with your friends is fun. But during the journey, try to reduce the car’s weight by including less important things because the extra weight increases fuel consumption. And, due to this reason, any instructor from an acclaimed driving school near Melbourne will tell you to avoid carrying unnecessary things in your car.

4) Don’t Keep Your Fuel Tank Full if You Don’t Need It

Did you know that a full tank also adds to the weight of the car and can eventually lead to more consumption?

But at the same time, you might ask isn’t it time-saving if I keep the fuel tanks full?

Well, actually you can and keeping the tanks full indeed saves time. But, if you are not always in a hurry, try to refuel only when needed as it will lead to a slightly lower consumption thus saving your costs.

5) Consistent Slow Driving Consumes More Fuel

That does not however mean that you shouldn’t maintain the speed limits.

Please don’t do that!

But, if you see a clear road ahead with lesser vehicles, shift up a few gears as using the higher ones will reduce fuel consumption.

However, as we said, renowned driving instructors near Melbourne always recommend that you stay focused on the road while driving at a higher speed to avoid accidents.

6) Stuck At A Traffic Jam? Switch Off the Car Engine

This is an eco-friendly way of saving fuel and puts less pressure on the car engine.

When you are just starting out on driving, you might sometimes forget this. So, stay alert, and if you are stuck in the jam for quite a while, turn off those engines to save fuel and save your costs.

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