Defensive Driving Tips You Can Follow To Stay Safe on the Road

All driving schools in Oakleigh teach the techniques of defensive driving to the students so that they can be safe while they are behind the wheels. There are several driving strategies to stay safe and today we will discuss a few of them.

In a defensive driving session, learners are provided with customized driving lessons in Oakleigh which help them to improve their driving skills. They can better anticipate situations to reduce risks. Being a defensive driver also helps in making quick decisions depending on various situations while driving. These situations include driving through a congested area or in bad weather conditions.

There are several benefits of defensive driving as well.

First and foremost, this type of driving reduces the possibility of accidents.

Secondly, this type of driving gives space to those drivers who are in a hurry to reach their destinations. Defensive drivers always give space to other drivers who are driving at an increased speed for their own safety.

Thirdly, learning defensive driving can help in passing the driving test in one go as drivers are taught to follow all the road safety rules at all times.
Now let us take a look at tips that you can follow as a driver to stay safe on the road.

1) Check Your Surroundings

While driving you will need to stay alert and the more alert you are, the lesser is the chance of an accident.

The instructor at your driving school in Oakleigh will always tell you to check your mirrors and the surroundings for cars, pedestrians, signals, or other objects thoroughly. And before making turns you will need to turn on your indicators and reduce the speed of your vehicle.

As a defensive driver, you will need to anticipate the movement of the other vehicles and then make the right decisions.

2) Prepare for the Drive

Before you start driving, analyse the conditions such as the weather, the road, the distance, etc. This will help you to prepare a mental model that you can use to stay safe during your journey.

However, you will also need to be flexible with the plans that you are making because situations can change anytime, and depending on that, you will need to modify your plans accordingly.

3) Proper Braking

This is a very important skill that the driving instructor in Oakleigh will teach you during the lessons. You will need to pull the brakes at the right time to avoid collision with another vehicle. And in defensive driving pulling the brakes at the right time is very important. However, mastering the brakes takes a bit of time.
If you are driving on a slippery surface or if you are driving through a congested area, it is best to pull the brakes a bit earlier. And when the vehicle stops entirely, you can calculate and reduce the gap between your car and the one in your front if needed.

And before we conclude, we have another suggestion.

In a traffic jam, try to maintain some distance between your car and the one in front because if the driver of the car in front of you needs to readjust the position of his vehicle, he will get the required space. This will also help you in avoiding the car in front bumping onto your vehicle.

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