Averting Disaster – Safe Driving Tips To Tackle Slippery Roads

If the slippery roads in winter can prove to be difficult for even experienced drivers, then imagine how tough it will be for someone who has only learned to drive.

What’s needed is common sense, winterising your vehicle and trusting all those lessons taught at driving school. Even taking the right measure like using winter tyres and quality car parts from leading automobile dealers can make a big difference when driving on slippery roads under inclement weather conditions.

“Academy Of Driving Excellence”- a respected name in the industry puts down some driving tips to tackle slippery roads.

  • Other than good winter tyres- known for impressive traction; you also need to check on your car battery, lights, windshield, wipers, belts, tyre pressure, radiator, defroster, etc. If you inhabit in a mountain region in Australia, then you can look to buy tire chains or even snow socks to tackle the incongenial driving conditions.
  • When driving around on slippery roads in the Melbourne city, then you the risk is always greater. To prevent any catastrophe and collisions; you should look to increase your trailing distance by 2-3 times.

Driving should be done in a controlled rate of acceleration, and when braking and cornering, you should do is gently and slowly. This preserves the rolling traction to stay in contact with the turf even if they are slippery.

  • An important aspect about driving in slippery roads during cold seasons is that checking if the tyre pressure. Tyres tend to lose their pressure when the temperature drops to 10-degrees.

They lose 1-2 psi of tyre pressure, and that leads to slowed steering response. So, prior to leaving your garage, be sure to check the tyre pressure regularly.

  • If you have your vehicle equipped with ABS- Anti-Lock Braking System which prevents the brakes from being locked away, then hit the brakes with steady pressure. And if the vehicle doesn’t have ABS, then avoid locking your car 🚗 via small gentle pushes and also by hitting the brakes slowly.
  • Furthermore, proper sight is very important when cruising on slippery terrains and freeways-regardless of the duration of the trip. So, to ensure proper vision; you need to check the condition of the windshield wipers and see if they are in proper working condition.

If they appear old and cracked, then look to replace them. And whilst you do all this; we even recommend you to check the defroster system beforehand to make the rear and front windows clean while driving.

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