“Nervous About Driving?” Some Smart Tips From Our Instructors!

“Getting front row seats into a tonne of sheet steel, plastic cladding and glass which propels you at extreme speed from point A-B is not a normal act for a teenage brain to cope with.

Especially, if she/he has never done anything as such before.”

Naturally, they will feel anxious and way out of their comfort zone. We, at “Academy Of Driving Excellence firmly believe that it is perfectly alright to feel anxious and scared.

Driving is a complicated skill to master. It is not something you master overnight, but takes time and practice to perfect! Our experienced driving instructors helps to break down those complicated lessons into small and lucid sections, so you get an in-depth understanding of the basics.

Beginning with vacant and straight roads; we initially help you develop control of your vehicle and give you the self-belief you require. Each of our instructors are patient and vouchsafe you a ‘no-shout’ policy.

We welcome you to get an in-depth understanding of our safe and responsible driving lessons in Heatherton along with their respective pricing. They are easy to afford, as each of them adheres to the industry standard norms.

Here Are Some Examples:-

I was very nervous the first time I sat at the driver’s seat when my dad gave me the opportunity. Then he choose “Academy Of Driving Excellence” as my reliable driving school Carlton to help me learn the rudiments of responsible driving.

And despite my nervousness and hesitance, I will admit being thrilled to be a student. The best thing about this school other than its comprehensive lessons is that it consists of excellent coaching and guidance in every single aspect.

I want to thank Selim and this driving instructor faculty for their patience and ability to pass on their lessons and techniques. And that led me to obtain my license at the first attempt despite starting as a novice.

I recommend this academy and bestow special credit to all its team members for polishing up those skills to countless learners like myself.” :- Aishwarya C Chowdhary

Few Surefire Tips For Nervous Drivers:-

  • “Never Tailgate”-

We believe this to be a crucial beginner’s lesson. And the reason being, if the car before you suddenly stamps the brake, it could lead to you smashing into it.

In our detailed driving courses; we teach our learners to follow a 3-6 second gap between drivers. And during slippery roads or difficult driving conditions; we recommend either doubling or trebling that trailing speed especially as it takes longer for the vehicle to stop.

  • “Using Turn Signals Correctly” –

It is never a good sign to not signal your intentions to other drivers or pedestrians. Not only is it discourteous, but also downright dangerous. The other drivers on the road are not some ‘seer’ or ‘jedi’ who can sense your desires or intentions. It is always ‘YOU’ who needs to convey the signal to them.

All learners get detailed coverage of using turn signals wherever need be so, not for own safety but for the well-being of others.

  • “Keeping Appropriate Speed” –

To be fair- speed doesn’t kill. If it were so then, then airlines travelling across the sky at 500 mph would have the most fatality and accident rate than any mode of transportation. What does kill is ignorance, recklessness and over-confidence.

This is why we always teach our young learners to drive at an appropriate speed. And with that also suss out the conditions and how safe it is to drive around at particular acceleration rate.

Example:- if the driving speed under normal conditions is 45-mph on freeways, then you need to adhere to that. However; you should also have the common sense to change your speed if it is pouring down, or if it is a foggy night.

The same logic applies when moving into a blind curve or sharp lane at a specific rate of acceleration. We teach all our learners to use their better judgement and adjust the speed best-suited to the conditions and their comfort.

  • “Using Side & Rear View Mirrors Appropriately”-

Figure out when you need to hit the brakes or make lane changes through constantly scanning your driving environ. With that; we also teach all young learners to watch the actions of other drivers and pedestrians either directly or via viewing mirrors.

Furthermore; our students also learn the importance of ‘situational awareness’, particularly what comes up ahead, behind or on either side of the car. The best way to sight all this is to leave distractions behind and use the mirrors to navigate different roads.

  • “Driving In Your Limits For Better Control” –

Our instructors will always teach you to set a limit both for your vehicle and the driving conditions.

A Few Instances:-

  • SUVs are not adequately equipped as sports models to travel safely at an accelerated speed. So; you need to be careful of this matter.
  • As for sporty cars, they tend to be very skittish because of its aerodynamic design and racing DNA specification. This is more so when the roads are wet and slippery to drive. So again, the trick here is driven well within your limits to maintain enhanced control.
  • Second-hand vehicles that lack new-gen tires, safety features and drive specifications to take more time to slow down. That’s why you need to increase your trailing speed to avoid any accidental skids leading to perilous collisions.

Each of these aspects will be included in our driving lessons in Carlton for all nervous first-timers to learn and perfect.

So, if you’re a young learner who wishes to polish up their necessary driving skills, then feel free to call us @425749703 between 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.