Check These Things Before Starting Your Car to Stay Safe on the Road

While driving, it is important to stay safe. So, before you start your car, you will need to check a few things and today, we will discuss them in detail. But as a learner or an experienced driver, make sure you follow all of these as these points are suggested by our experienced driving instructors in Richmond.

Now, without further delay, let’s dive into the main points.

1) Check for Obstructions in Front of Your Car

Before starting your car, check if there are any stones, bricks or any other objects in front of your tyres and if you find any, remove them so that they do not damage your car’s tyres.

Also, our driving instructor in Richmond suggests that before starting your car, check if there are any other cars at the back so that you can safely drive it in reverse if you have to.

2) Check the Tyres of Your Car

Check the level of inflation in your car’s tyres. Also, if you find any objects that are stuck on the rubber of your tyres, get it fixed immediately. Else, you might face a tyre puncture while on the road and that can lead to a safety issue.

3) Check Your Car’s Fuel

Though fuel itself does not directly cause any safety issue, leakage of the fuel tank can.

So, our instructors providing the driving lessons in Richmond suggest that you check for any leakages in your fuel tank before you start out.

4) Cleaning Your Windshield

If your windshield has dust all over, it can reduce your visibility drastically while driving and if you cannot see properly everything that is in front of your vehicle, the possibility of an accident can increase manifold. So, if you notice an accumulation of dust or debris on your car’s windshield, do a comprehensive cleaning before starting your car.

5) Adjust your Car Mirrors

In our comprehensive driving lessons in Richmond, our instructors always suggest that you adjust all the mirrors in your car before starting out because you will need to see what’s behind you.

Additionally, you should also clean the mirrors to get clear visibility of the back of your vehicle.

6) Wear Seatbelts and Adjust Your Seat

Both of these are important points and you should follow these at all costs before starting your car because both of these are directly related to your safety.

If your seat is not adjusted properly, and if you are feeling uncomfortable during driving, the chances of an accident can rise exponentially. On the other hand, if you do not wear seatbelt and face with an accident, you might face a life-risk since seatbelts are designed to protect you from collisions with other objects during an accident.

7) Check the Brakes and Gears

Before starting your car you should check the brakes and the gears.

This is not only suggested by our instructors but also by the instructors from other car driving schools near Richmond because if your brakes are not working properly, you cannot stop your car while it is in motion.

So, in conclusion, we will say that checking all of these is mandatory before starting your car as it will help you to stay safe at all times.

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