Driving Along With Your Dog? Know the Victorian Road Rules First

Australia is undoubtedly a nation of dog lover, and 80% of them love to travel with their canine friends. However, when it comes to assuring the safety and security of the dogs in compliance with the rules and regulations of their safety, a few of them really abide by that.

According to the experiences of officer-in-charge designated for road policing, they have seen many people driving their car with their dogs on their laps. And, even sometimes, their paws are up on the steering wheel.

In such situations, if the dog accidentally comes in front of the eyes of the driver or gets down on the driver’s feet, the driver will not be able to use the brake anymore. And, you know the consequences better.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the rules and regulations of travelling with your canine companion here listed out by our qualified driving instructor in Camberwell to make sure that you can stay away from the legal restraints at every cost.

Road Safety Rules for Driving With Dogs

According to the rules declared by The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the police can quickly charge you for a fine if the evidence is found that you have failed to take control of your vehicle because of your dog. The penalties road safety authority charge you for every 3 demerit points you will receive for this mistake is around $450.

The Basic Rules Include –

  • The driver should never drive his/her car with an animal sitting in the lap.
  • The animal should never come in between the steering wheel and the driver.
  • The animal is meant to be seated only in any particular part of the car.
  • If you are travelling in a ute, you have to ensure that the animal is inside a well-ventilated cage so that your driving cannot cause any injury to the animal.
  • While your vehicle is on the move, you should never lead or tease your animal.

Along with RMS, the RSPCA can ask for fine under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. In any case, if the animal gets injured in any way because the driver could not take its responsibility and kept it unrestrained, you may have to pay a fine of $5,500.

Not only that, you can even have to spend six months inside the jail. Also, carrying the dog in the ute and that too in the open will land you on giving a fine for up to $500.

However, there is no such restricting rule that states that you are not allowed to travel with your animal while it is sitting on the front seat of your vehicle, only if it is secured.

But, in the case, the vehicle meets with an accident in any way and the airbag explodes, your dog may end up getting seriously injured. So, it’s always recommended by our driving instructor in Malvern to travel with your dog when it is in the rear seat.

Please Note: The demerit points and fine details are subject to changes depending on the state you are travelling in. In Victoria, the road rules of VicRoads are being applied.

Final Words

When you are covering a long distance in your car, make sure you have a car harness and a seat belt attachment that can assure both the safety and comfort of your dog. For travelling with smaller dogs, it is recommended to travel with a pet booster seat or a pet basket.

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