Make Your Teen Aware of Possible Distractions While Driving

Distracted drivers cause traffic problems and road crashes. And, teen drivers are the worst preparators of distracted driving. Be it makeup touchup, texting or giving your favourite burger a bite- all comes illegal when ensuring safe driving. Since humans are limited to do one thing at a time, being multitasker while driving can lead you to potential hazards.

Taking your eyes for even 2 seconds can cause devastating consequences. A vehicle travelling at 60km/hour goes more than 33 meters in 2 seconds, and on an average, whereas a person reacts to a situation taking 1.8 seconds. As a result, it takes almost 4 seconds for a distracted driver to respond to the hazard. So, if there occurs a distraction, it increases the risk of having accidents.

Here Are a Few Driver’s Distractions

here are a few drivers distractions
Using mobile or gadgets while driving can increase the risk of collision; especially if your teen gets involved in texting. When you learn P1 and P2 driving lessons from experienced driving school Melbourne, you will get to see how instructors will restrict will from operating your phone. According to the laws, it has been made clear that the driver must not hold the phone while moving a car or stationary vehicle.

Vehicle Settings Adjustment:

This is one of the common driving habits that most people don’t realise. Sometimes, they start fiddling with AC unit, radio or sometimes adjust the windows as required. Whenever you change a CD or get tuned with a favourite playlist with constant switching between songs, it may put you on the risk of a road crash. In weekend driving lessons in Melbourne, you will not only get all these lessons to bring into your habit but also sharpen your driving skills while making minute adjustments.

Pets and Passengers:

Even if they are known as great travelling companions, they become the tagalong, which is quite annoying and distracting. So, if you’re planning for a journey with your furry friend or kid with who loves to interfere can put you at great risk of a road crash. Hence, make sure they are restricted with seat belts, especially, the dogs and cats should be fastened with a proper harness or a cage with a dimension that can properly occupy them.

Moreover, you should limit the number of passengers in the car. If you get enrolled in a driving school near Melbourne, you will get to see P drivers are instructed not to carry more than one passenger who ages from 16-22, as it can make a compromise your concentration level.

Lastly, if you are in charge of a vehicle, you no doubt have to be part of fun stuff while being entirely focused on the driving. Scanning roads actively, using mirrors and keep watching the pedestrian and other road users accordingly. Moreover, take extra precaution while driving during the dawn and dusk, since it comes with visual limitations in the dark.