How Should You Avoid Crashes at Intersections?

Driving is exciting and adventurous only when you use your defensive driving skills and handle critical collisions with precision. Whether you are driving alone or with family, you should stay focussed and avoid possible distractions to ensure topmost safety behind the wheels. That’s necessarily because driving fetches many risks but not all of them bears the same consequence. Studies have proved 50% road crashes occur at intersection and that’s what every driver needs to be careful about while being behind wheels. Mastering the art of handling car at critical intersections can boost your confidence and make you a responsible driver.

Keep Focussed and Watch Out for Hazards

Most car crashes are a result of distracted driving and ignoring to watch out for the surroundings. If you have recently undergone an intensive driving course in Melbourne, you might be aware of the fact that intersection crashes are common among teen drivers who aren’t mindful about surrounding traffic, vehicles and pedestrians and manoeuvre car without paying close attention. For intersections which are controlled by road signs such as two-way stop, four-way or yield sign, every driver needs to pause and look for directions. Intersection crashes predominantly happens due to reckless driving during peak hours.

Besides being cautious about road signs, you need to be watchful about pedestrians and other vehicles that may pass through. Often other drivers make a turn, people on bicycle pass through and pedestrians cross the road which results in a crash. Approaching an intersection by watching the surroundings can ensure topmost safety behind wheels and help you avert possible collisions on road.

Overspeeding is a Big NO

Intersections which undergo high traffic on a regular basis can be difficult to manoeuvre mainly during peak hours. It can limit your abilities to predict road conditions and restrict your vision to apply an emergency brake for pedestrians or cars trying to pass through. At times, you may not get sufficient space to make a turn or change lanes abruptly. While driving, it is not always possible to watch out for dangers and therefore instructors of professional driving school in Melbourne recommended not to indulge in overspeeding while crossing intersections.

Using Correct Signalling is a Must

While it’s a great move to anticipate on-road hazards and other driver’s actions, it is equally important to let others know about your intentions by making correct use of indicators. While changing lanes, signalling is a must to avoid crashes or life-threatening collisions. However, make sure you aren’t showing false or wrong indicators as this might confuse other drivers on road and trigger the potential of severe car accidents. Also, try to avoid signalling at the last minute as this might perplex others and they would fail to anticipate your move.

Intersections are a hotspot for car crashes and a slight mistake can put your life and property at stake. Keep the above pointers in mind to avoid intersection crashes at it’s best.

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