“Safe Driving Tips At Intersections”- Our Instructors’ Advice!

“50% Of All Collisions And Out Of That 20% Of Fatal Car Accidents Take Place At Intersections.”

So, an integral part of our; “Academy Of Driving Excellence” driving lessons is ‘Crossing Safely At An Intersection.’ As a glimpse of what our lessons incorporate; here’s how to tackle approaching and crossing an intersection.

“Approach The Intersection Safety & Slowly”

approach the intersection safety & slowly

  • Ensure you are in the appropriate lane prior to reaching the intersection. Be watchful of blind spots along with other drivers, and try to stay away from them.
  • Remember to turn your signals so that the trailing drivers are aware of your intentions.
  • Keep all distractions like conversing on the phone or listening to music, away. Being distracted while driving is one of the prime causes of roadside or more specifically, intersection collisions.
  • As you slow down, try to match the pace of the car in front of you. See their brake lights to determine when they will slow down and eventually stop.
  • Never tailgate- firstly, because it impairs your vision and secondly, it poses a big risk of collision. Try to keep 1 car-length distance with a 3-4 second trailing gap from the car ahead of you.
  • Check the intersection for stoplights, turning lights, one-way signs, roadblocks, pedestrians, restrictions, crosswalks and even bike lanes. Also keep your eyes open for the vehicles in front, behind and beside you (on either side). Use your viewing mirrors to see them and figure out their intentions at the intersection. Being aware will make it easier for you to react defensively when you decide to cross the intersection.
  • Keep your foot on the brake and maintain a straight wheel when looking to cross the intersection.

“Staying Safe At A Stop Signal”

staying safe at a stop signal
✔ When approaching a stop signal, stay at the painted lines or right behind the curb.

✔ When approaching a stop signal, stay at the painted lines or right behind the curb.

✔ Wait for 2-3 seconds till you move forward. It will give you time to react if the car ahead decides to make a sudden stop.

✔ Never try to speed across a stop-sign- even if there is no car standing at the intersection.

✔ When the light turns green, look in both directions to ensure no car is coming or going. Never wait in the centre of the intersection.

✔ If you intend to make a turn in a red light, then ensure that there are no restrictions. Check left and right and the ongoing traffic to ensure your path is clear.

“Safety When Proceeding Through An Intersection”

safety when proceeding through an intersection
✯ Try and find out who has the ‘right of way’ or more specifically the vehicle is in the roundabout.

✯ Never look to stop in roundabouts unless you come across traffic.

✯ Remember to stay in your lane. Don’t change lanes in the roundabout!

✯ Also remember to signal your entry and exit to the roundabout for other vehicles.

✯ Always be extra careful with pedestrians and cyclists in roundabouts as it can be potentially risky for them.

✯ Never look to race through a roundabout intersection. Rather look to follow the usual pace of traffic to make your actions predictable for other drivers.

✯ If you find a vehicle stopping suddenly in the middle of a roundabout intersection, then maintain extra caution.

✯ Lastly, carefully watch for the traffic cross at roundabout intersections. There may be other cars or vehicles that may be running through a red light or a stop sign. Be watchful of what’s coming or going to avoid a nasty collision.

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