5 Privileges of Mastering Automatic Driving Lessons

People have been of late putting more emphasis on automatic driving than manual driving. This change in their attitude can very well be attributed to the advent of automation in automotive technology over the last decade or so.

Therefore, technically speaking, when it comes to weighing between learning manual & auto lessons in Melbourne, it is more advantageous to take automatic driving lessons. Any reputed driving school would provide automatic driving lessons, besides manual lessons. That is the hallmark of a quality driving school today. That is one of the areas where we at Academy Of Driving Excellence excel.

Now let us come to the point. Let us discuss the 5 major privileges of taking automatic driving lessons.

It is a Simpler and More Enjoyable Learning Experience

The principle advantage of driving vehicles with automatic transmission is that it is a less complicated experience right from the word ‘go’! And this includes mere ‘starting’ the vehicle.

When you start the vehicle ‘manually’, you need to press the clutch down, while you turn the ignition on. That is not the end of your ‘woes’. Rather, it is the beginning!

All through your journey, you have to virtually juggle with the clutch, the speed pedal, and the gear. “Pressing the clutch and changing the gear…speeding up…taking the pressure off the accelerator to slow… pressing the clutch again and changing the gear one point town…then leaving the clutch pressure”….phew!!!! It’s a herculean task!!!

In an automatic transmission, this entire odyssey is taken care of by the car itself. So, you are left to concentrate more on the road and the traffic ahead!

Automatic is the “in-thing” in Australia

A manual transmission may still be fairly common in other parts of the globe. However, in Australia, vehicles with automated transmission are more popular, and the popularity is ever-increasing with every passing day.

That is the reason, every reputed driving school in Toorak would provide training in driving vehicles with an automated transmission.

Stopping the Car in Heavy Traffic Gets Easier

One of the scariest thoughts of the trainees is stopping the car at red lights in the dense traffic areas of big cities. This is what deters these people form learning things faster, at least during the initial days.

Stopping vehicles with auto transmission is always much easier. This is because they do not have to depend upon any manual effort like a pressure on the clutch, or a change of gear to neutral to stop. It is the transmission of power to the wheel drive from the engine, that governs the movement. Hence, the car would stop automatically when there is no power transmission.

You Can Focus More on External Factors

As you drive automatic vehicles, you do not have to stick to the rigorous driving manual that has everything to do with engine sounds, shifting clutch and gear, and sticking to the correct gear.

As everything is done by the car automatically, you can put more emphasis on external factors like the traffic and road conditions, pedestrians around and the likes.

It Helps to Develop Perception Skills Faster

Even when it comes to taking driving lessons in Camberwell, the auto transmission will allow the trainee to put emphasis on the road, traffic and other external factors. Also, the trainees always find it less challenging, as they can give maximum attention to communicating with their instructor.

Keep Both Their Hands on the Wheels

As the trainees do not have to change gears every now and then, they are able to keep both the hands on the wheels.

This will help them keep the vehicle steady and will boost their confidence. It will make it easier for them to crack the test at one go.

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