One-stop Rulebook for New Drivers – What’s to DO and Not to DO!

Are you a new Victorian driver just passed out the complex driving test and got your license? Or, are you still in your learning process, adding new things to your knowledge, every day? In either of the cases, you need to know the Victorian driving rule book.

The rules are simple to remember. All you need to do is to pay attention when your instructors are talking about it in between the everyday driving lessons in Melbourne through your course. Well, if you have missed out one or two of those instructions, here is a quick recap.

Pay Attention!

Rule 1: You Have to Push to the Left Lane in Most of the Time

The rule might seem to be a bit confusing for you at first because you might have seen people using the right lanes. However, the correct rule is a bit different.

You should only be using the right lane in the case, you are overtaking any other car or taking a right turn when the traffic congestion is high. So, basically, you must stick your vehicle to the left lane while you are driving through the highway.

Rule 2: Stop Only If the Sign is There

You are not allowed to stop your car anywhere you like. Firstly, if there is ‘no parking’ sign on the road, you can stop your vehicle for 2 minutes max. And, you are allowed to stop your car and then leave it there only if you are going somewhere within the radius of 3 meters only.

However, if there is a sign clearly suggesting that you cannot stop your car there, you cannot do that even for these 2 minutes. You have to pass through the road also if you had to pick up or drop off your passengers.

Rule 3: Wearing Flip-Flops While Driving May Get you into Trouble

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for footwear in Victorian driving rule book though, but wearing flip flops can get you into serious trouble indeed. You must have learnt the importance of foot grip over the accelerator or the brake during the intensive driving course in Melbourne. Wearing flip-flop becomes a hindrance in it.

Usually, the police will not say you anything until you face a crash. In the case, you experience any road crash and the police find out that you were wearing flip flops, they will instantly assume that you did not have enough grip on the brake because of the flip flops you were wearing, even if the fault was not yours.

Rule 4: The Probationary Drivers are Not Allowed to Use Mobiles

The probationary drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones under any circumstances apart from the time when the car is at the parking lot. Even playing music or using the map is not allowed for them. Remember that even if you are waiting for the traffic lights to green, you cannot use mobile phones under probation. So, be careful!

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