What (NOT) To Do When Taking A Driving Test- A Discussion!

Learning to drive is a tough skill to master. And the fact that you have a stern instructor sitting next to you during the test doesn’t help your cause either. If anything, it complicates matters more!

But, despite the difficulties; you need to keep aside all these inconveniences and focus on the task at hand- which is, clearing the driving test and procuring your driving license.

If it helps, feeling nervous and scared before the start of your test is only natural. But, what you as a learner should do is not let these feelings get the better or you.

The keys to passing the test are:-



In addition to these vital traits; you also need to ensure that you DON’T do these when taking a driving test.

Not Having Proper Control Of The Vehicle:-

The examiner will check if you have proper control of the vehicle or not. Being intimidated by the car functions, or making jerky starts and stops or say hitting the brakes hard, does create a negative impact on your driving instructor.

It reveals to them your lack of confidence and your inability to control the car properly.

Not Making Good Use Of Viewing Mirrors:-

Call it overconfidence, reluctance or absent-mindedness, but a lot of learners forget to check their rear and side-view mirrors. This happens to be one of the commonest reasons why so many fail to clear their drive test.

Not checking a blind spot each time you pull out into the freeways, merge into highways or change lanes can lead to unexpected collisions and injuries. With that; most learners also make the mistake of looking in one direction only. They don’t bother to check out their shoulder or out of their rear window.

When sitting for your driving test, be sure not to do these things in front of your instructor. It will only make it difficult for you to clear the examination.

Not Adhering To The Speed Limits:-

Another key thing to remember is to stay within the speed limits when sitting for a driving test. Also, when entering into a particular zone (example a work/school/hospital zone), reduce the speed.

In most cases, even if you drive 10km above the specified speed limit, you will fail immediately. The whole point of the instructor being with you is to see how much control you have over the vehicle. And that includes driving slow when the rules suggest.

It is not about how fast you can go, but if you can drive responsibly at the posted speed limit without endangering anyone. So, this is another point to keep in mind.

Hurrying Into An Intersection On A Yellow Sign:-

Never try to get into an intersection. This is not a race but a driving test. It is a common defect amongst learners who start driving fast when they see a yellow light.

Firstly, entering into a cross intersection with the light changing about to change from yellow to red, means that you are breaking the law. And secondly; it also means that you are creating a dangerous situation for the other drivers and pedestrians at that crossroad.

So, be wary of this mistake and try not to get too excited on seeing a yellow light.

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