Expert Tips to Help You Drive Through Fog Safely and Conveniently

Driving through fog can really be challenging for learners. But following a few methods will make the process really easy. So, today we will be sharing them with you, and if you are learning how to drive or have just finished taking the lessons in Melbourne or any of its suburbs, this discussion will help you improve your driving skills.

1) Use Fog Lights

Whenever you are getting trained from a driving school near Melbourne or any of its suburbs, the instructors will always direct you to use your fog lights since headlights, especially the high beams can make driving difficult for you since they reflect off the water vapour present in the fog.

Fog lights are generally pointed downward but they are bright. That way, you can easily see the lines on the road and this will help you to get better visibility when you are in dense fog. However, if you don’t have fog lights, normal headlights can help you to drive safely as well.

2) Slow Driving is Always Recommended

Almost all the driving lessons in Glen Waverley and other Melbourne suburbs include speed control. Also, the instructors recommend that you drive slowly as much as possible when you are in dense fog. This will give you more time to deal with other cars coming from the opposite direction.

Whenever you are driving through fog, you should always be alert since visibility is already decreased. With that, if there is a car in front of you, you should keep a good distance in between to avert accidents.

3) Keep Your Windows Open

Since fog is composed of water vapour, it accumulates on the windshield and window glass. This reduces the visibility even more. So, you can roll down your window as it increases the airflow and helps in decreasing the accumulation of water vapour thereby helping you to see what’s ahead of you clearly.

If it’s very cold, you do not have to roll down the windows totally. Just keeping a small space for the air to enter your car will be enough.

4) Use Your Car’s Defrosters

The defroster inside your car is designed to minimise the accumulation of water vapour on the inside surface of the windshield. So, you should activate it. Also, you will need to activate the wipers to remove the water droplets.

By following this procedure you get good visibility and the chances of accidents in fog are drastically reduced.

5) Wait for the Fog to Pass

If the fog is too dense, better not drive as this increases the risk of accidents manifold.

So, as guided by the driving instructors in Richmond and other Melbourne suburbs, you should park your car in a safe spot and wait for it to pass. But whenever you are parked, make sure you keep the hazard light on so that the other cars can see you.

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