Follow These Crucial Driving Tips To OWN THE NIGHT…

40% of all collisions in Australia happen in the hour of darkness.
20% of serious accidents involving motorways on monotonous roads Down-Under occur due to low visibility and difficulty in judging distance and speed.
And as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Australia, road fatalities triples during the night.

SO… people, the writing is on the wall! Night driving is not only annoying and a tad inconvenient! It is also down-right, dreadful and dangerous!

Digging Deeper:-

When making your nocturnal transits, over-reliance on their eyes doesn’t much help! When motoring through low light areas; your eyes struggle and get terrible at night:- be it in-depth perception, be it in their ability to distinguish colour, or be it in their peripheral vision!

Another inconvenience is approaching headlights illuminating the road and blinding your sights. Most low beams stretch from 160-250 feet from your vehicle’s front fascia. And high beams stretch from 350-500 feet! So while driving in low-light at 50-60mph, it requires at least 200ft to stop. In other words means, there is very little margin of mistake!

To Help You Drive Safe At Night- Do Follow These Tips!

safe driving tips

  • Always keep the windows clean to prevent condensation and glares.
  • When you come across another road user, look to dip your headlights. Don’t dazzle them and lead them into a spot of bother!
  • When motoring at twilight or dusk, assist the other road users see you by turning your headlight on before sunset, and keeping it on an hour after that!
  • Look to dim your dashboard and instrument panel lights off. Bright LED’s and large infotainment screens can diminish your vision. So, look to remove any possible distracting lights or reflections on the windshields to allow the eyes to adjust better to the darkness ahead.
  • Always avoid two-lane highways according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Australia. It may be the worst-case scenario for nighttime scenarios due to the glares from other oncoming car’s headlights. Plus, there is another issue of these roads having sharp turns and curves which can be potentially dangerous to drive.
  • Don’t accelerate too quickly. As per statistics, 37% of nighttime driving accidents happen due to low visibility and lesser reaction time. As per calculations; your headlights shine at 160-feet in front of you. So, if you are moving at 40mph, then you will need 190-feet to stop. The smart thing would be to adjust your speed, taking the surrounding visibility in mind.

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