Some Emergency Driving Situations and Ways to Handle Them

Apart from learning the fundamentals of driving, you will also need to learn how to handle emergency situations to stay safe while you are behind the wheels. However, if you are in Melbourne and join a reputed driving school, your instructors will teach you the ways to handle different types of driving situations.

Today, we will take a look at some of the methods of handling emergency driving situations that are exclusive taught by experienced driving instructors and let’s take a look at what they are.

1) Your Car’s Tyres are Blown

While driving if your car’s tyres suddenly get blown off with a loud noise, you will need to follow a few steps to avoid an accident and here is what you need to do as suggested by our reputed driving instructor in Melbourne.

  • Do not hit the brakes as this might cause your car to tumble. Instead, try to keep your car in a straight line and when it slows down due to continuous friction, hit the brakes.
  • When your tyres are blown turn on the emergency indicators to alert other drivers to stay away from your car as a safety precaution against collisions.
  • Before hitting the brakes, try to get your car to the side of the road so that you get some space to change the tyres or call for help.

2) A Separated Tread

Tread separation is when the coating of your car’s tyre along with the steel structure underneath it comes off when you are driving. This is also dangerous because the steel structure might shred when the tyres are in motion and can collide with your brake lines or fuel tank.

  • So, our expert car driving teacher near Melbourne suggests that you
  • Stop your car before the tread separates and you will come to know of it when you hear a thumping noise from your car’s tyres while driving.
  • First, try to drive in a straight line and put little pressure on the brakes so that your car smoothly comes to a halt.
  • Do not turn your car until and unless the speed comes down.
  • Park your car at the side of the road and inspect the tyre. If the tyres have taken enough damage, you will need to head to a mechanic nearby to get it repaired.

3) Your Car’s Accelerator is Jammed

If your car’s accelerator gets jammed, don’t hit the brakes right away.

Instead, do this

  • Turn your car’s gear to neutral to prevent excessive pressure on the powertrain.
  • Try to switch off the engine of your car to make it stop.
  • Hit the brakes, to make your car stop.

4) Your Car’s Tyres Lose Traction

When your car’s tyres are worn out, your car might lose traction. However, follow these suggestions by our driving instructor near Melbourne to stay safe when and if they lose traction.

  • Slow down your car when you notice that it is losing traction to avoid a fishtail or spinning.
  • Try driving in the opposite direction in which your car is moving when it has already lost traction.
  • While driving in the opposite direction or counter-steering, you will need to need to apply a little acceleration to avoid spinning.

5) Your Car Does Not Have ABS

If your car does not have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), the technology that helps avoid locking of the wheels to avoid skid when you hit the brakes, you will always need to

  • Stay alert on the road and control your speed so that you can manoeuvre the car when needed and so that you don’t have to hit the brakes all of a sudden if something comes near your car.
  • Always keep your car’s tyres in proper shape and inflated so that they do not lose traction.
  • Learn defensive driving to avoid accidents.

So, in conclusion, we will say that keep these points in mind as these will help you to stay safe during an emergency driving situation.

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